What It Means To Empty Your Mind In Meditation.

Learn to achieve “empty mind” and meditate with ease.
Learn to connect with your intuition and the spirit world.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO EMPTY YOUR MIND IN MEDITATION.What does it mean to empty one’s mind during meditation? It is not really possible to think of nothing. Our mind produces thoughts all the time. They shoot across our consciousness non-stop when we are awake as well as in dreams when we are asleep. This process is so automatic, we sometimes don’t realize it or we get “lost in thought.” The main goal of meditation is to get into a meditative state of mind where thoughts don’t keep us occupied. Instead of us making thoughts, we need to be able to receive them from the “outside” (the spirit world). We can imagine it as having a “calmness” of the mind. I have always struggled with this. I used to argue with myself trying to figure out what exactly it means to meditate. I used to think there was no way I was one of those people who could meditate with ease. It used be a struggle and chore. Every book I’ve read on meditation gave very simple instructions how to do it. I used to ask myself how come it sounded so easy on paper and so difficult (if not impossible!) to do. Over the years of trying and practicing, I have come to an enlightening conclusion and I can safely say that meditation looks more difficult than it really is! The secret is its simplicity. There is really not much to it. It’s not an exact science. You don’t have to follow a formula. It doesn’t mean your meditative efforts are not going to work if you follow someone else’s instructions, but you don’t follow them to the letter. In the beginning of your practice – yes, do follow someone else’s suggestions, but over time, you will develop your own way of emptying your mind. Meditation is a very simple and easy process. The more we do it, the easier it gets – until the time when it happens almost immediately just by thinking about it. If we want to be successful at it, we have to accept the easiness of it. (Some things in life don’t have to be difficult, :D).

Try it out

I am going to show you how to empty your mind with least amount of resistance. Follow my instructions and let me know how you do. Anyone can reach a meditative state with ease. You can too! Trust me on this. Try it out!

Let me get into what it means to meditate.

To meditate, it means that we do not get carried away by our random thoughts. What is important is that we will not start thinking about what to do that evening or what our boss told us this afternoon. We stay focused on the task of meditation.

n-MINDFULNESS-PRACTICE-largeWe want to reach a point of calmness that feels as if our mind is empty of thought. In reality, there are always going to be thoughts running through our head, but we must not let them disturb us. Imagine your calmness as a place – the eye of a hurricane. It is the place that is empty. It could be all black or all white. It could be blue like the cloudless summer sky. It can be of any color you want. My favorite color for this purpose is black. Please try to do it the way I do it the first few times and later, adjust the imagery the way it feels good to you. Imagine you are in space and there are only teeny tiny stars in the distance. They are so far away, though, that they are almost invisible. There is only blackness around you – the perfect place to be at peace and ready to receive messages from the spirit world. This black space is a good space. There are no negative emotions present. Actually, there are no emotions there, period. The color black is black because it has absorbed all the other colors (the white color is the absence of color). So, since it contains all the colors in existence, there is nothing left to disturb you. In this perfect calm place of black, you may see random thoughts swirling around you, but not really touching you or sticking to your consciousness. If one thought holds your attention to the point that you find yourself outside of your calm place, simply release this thought. Let it go and go back to your calm, empty space of your mind.

An important thing to realize is that the random thoughts are always going to be there, but the difference is in what we do about them. We need to learn to acknowledge them, “Ok, I see you are here…” and let them go in the same instant they appear, “…and now you can move on.” This needs to happen instantaneously. If you get caught by one thought for a few seconds, don’t beat yourself up for it. Acknowledge the thought and let it go. Go back to your free space.

If you are having trouble imagining a black space, try to imagine standing in front of a large blackboard. This blackboard is as large as you need it to be. The spirit world will use this blackboard to write messages on. The blackboard can also work as a movie screen where you will watch the “movies” the spirit world wants to show you (The movies are clairvoyant messages meant for you to see).

Don’t feel bad and definitely don not give up if you feel like you can’t hold the emptiness for more than only a few seconds. It’s okay! Eventually, you will get there. You have to be patient with yourself and don’t push yourself too hard. It’s not a race or a competition. It’s a development of your extra sensory skills. It doesn’t happen overnight. Also, please remember that it may feel like you are imagining everything at first. That’s good! Go along with it.

You have to learn to hold this state of mind for at least 5 minutes. Start by staying in your empty space for one minute. Take it easy and don’t look at the clock – set a timer, but don’t wait for it to start ringing. Detach yourself from the timer. Forget that it’s ticking. You should practice this exercise enough times until you feel comfortable in this state of emptiness. You should feel comfortable and strong holding your empty mind until the timer goes off. If you keep failing time and time again, examine yourself without judgment. You may not be doing as badly as you think. Which thoughts keep kicking you out of it? Perhaps it will help if you write them down on a piece of paper so you don’t forget them. That way, these thoughts won’t intrude and stress you out. When you feel like you can hold this concentration for a minute with ease, hold it for three, then five minutes.

Eventually, in this empty space, you will be able to meet your spirit guide, communicate with deceased loved ones, or receive messages from any kind of good spirit that comes from the light.

How did you do?

Were you able to achieve the “emptiness” of your mind? Let me know your thoughts! Every time you come out of your meditation, you should be feeling calmer and more at peace.

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