This blog post is about the power of dreams and what dreams can tell us about ourselves.

Dreams have always been associated with mysticism. In the last 50 years, many professionals from the fields of psychology and science have been interested in dream interpretation. Whether we are psychologists, scientists, or regular people, all of us have the same question: Can dreams really tell us something?

Dreams help us process our impressions and experiences from the previous day. They work as “cleaning of the subconscious”. When we are awake, our mind uses the information that is important for us. However, our mind records many more impressions than we realize and these impressions, then, appear in our dreams.

Dreams Don’t Only Clean-Up our Subconscious

Dreams don’t only tidy-up our brain. Dreams are one of the paths to self-knowledge. They show us what we are missing, or what we have too much of. Our dreams are a needle on our inner scale which reminds us which area of our life or personality we should develop and where we may be overstepping our boundaries.

Dream Interpretation Exercise:

Dream Dancer
Sandra had a dream. She dreamt of dancing with a partner. There was another couple dancing near her. Her dancing partner and the other dancing couple were wearing white t-shirts. Only Sandra found herself wearing a green t-shirt. They danced in front of a large audience and earned a huge applause for their performance. Despite her success, Sandra felt inadequate and uncomfortable because of her green t-shirt. She felt like she was ruining the experience for others and that she was not going to be liked for the color of her t-shirt. She knew her dancing was perfect, however.

Dream Interpretation
Sandra needs to become more aware of her personality. She has been developing those aspects of her personality that are shared with others. She has accepted opinions and norms of the society, family, or friends. Sandra’s compliance to these outside rules and norms leads her to perceive her own uniqueness as a negative, as an obstacle. Her uniqueness makes it hard for her to work with others. The dream reminds her of her insecurity she feels in regard to her unique personality traits and character.

What Sandra Needs to Do
She needs to release her need to feel responsible for the opinions of others. She needs to live her life without waiting for approval from the others around her.

Dream Symbols

The Color Green
The color green is the color of growth, life, nature, and spring—it refers to the source of everything.

Her t-shirt is her current role she plays in her life. The energy of this dream is strong because it shows Sandra the source of her power, of what is the right thing to do in order for her to start progressing. She needs to accept her differences if she wants to become more successful in her life.

Dream Symbols

Dreams are coded in symbols and so, the person to interpret them is us because the symbols pertain to our personal lives. We have created every symbol, color, shape, size, simply everything what we see in the dreams. Even if we are receiving psychic messages via dreams, the symbols are going to still be something our brains have recorded at some point.

A dream symbol has a different meaning for every person. If two people dream of the same thing—let’s say a dream about falling—we can interpret it to each of the people differently. The first dreamer may like heights and he jumps out of airplanes. The second person is afraid of heights and feels panic every time she has to be high up off the ground. As you can see, everyone perceives one and the same thing differently. I will be talking about dream symbolism in more detail in my next blog post (in March 2016).

When do we Dream?

Even though we don’t always remember it, we dream several times during the night. We reach deep sleep approximately four times as we sleep. The deep sleep is called the REM sleep—Rapid Eye Movement—and during this sleep, our brain produces dreams that have a certain storyline and where events connect to each other. The first dreams of the night are usually about our day—fragments of events from the previous day. During the night, we usually dream of our memories that can reach as far as our childhood. In the morning, right before we wake-up, we tend to dream of symbols, colors, and lights. This is also the time when we tend to receive psychic messages from our guides, deceased loved ones, or Higher Self because since we usually wake-up remembering them. The REM dream phase doesn’t have the same length in everyone. The newborns’ REM dream phase is about 50% of the sleep time. Adults’ REM phase is about 20% of their sleep. The length of the REM sleep decreases after 60 years old to 15%.

Peoples and the Power of Dreams

The old Greeks believed that our psychological and physical problems are reflected in dreams. In Delphi, where healing took place, patients stayed in there as long as it took for them to have a dream that could be interpreted (by a priest) as a healing dream.

In the antique world, people believed that an illness was a product of unresolved issues or conflicts, unprocessed experiences. These issues needed to be resolved and then processed in dreams. As a result, the patients were released to go home after they had had their “healing” dream.

American Indians consider dreams very important. They used their dreams to lead them to the hunting grounds or they would name their newborns according to their dreams.

The founder of the modern theory of dreams is Sigmund Freud. The first scientific book about dreams was “Dream Interpretation” which was published in 1900. Freud, for the first time, got rid of the notion that dreams are a product of the supernatural. He explained that dreams are products of everything our brain has catalogued previously. He called dreams “royal road to the subconscious”.

So now you know more about dreams! Did you like this post? Leave me a comment. Do you want me to interpret your dreams? Let me know what you have dreamt of in the comments and I will interpret it for you. I will be talking about DREAM SYMBOLISM and LAYERS OF DREAMS in my next blog post.

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