Thank you Jonika. It is quite impressed that what you wrote corresponds with my intuition, good spirits are guiding you.
It was extremely accurate in some things: … All these things you wrote and they are true.– Daniela, United Kingdom

Oh my God Jonika everything you said about my mom was true thank you so much I think this is going to be very helpful.– Yazmin, USA

Wow thank you for the reading it is spot on. It hurts yet it’s an eye opener for me. Thank yo so much, every detail is me and I know I know my life will be better and will have a better relationship if I let this one go…I’m really really thankful I met you! Thank you again♥️– Perla, USA

Thank you so much Jonika , Im still processing all . I’ll definitely take your advices. You really have talent on this I think. I will recommend you for sure. Im starting to learn about tarot and I think that Is so amazing all. I will write you for another reading soon for other themes. 🙂– Silvi, Chile

Jonika, I want to thank you so much for the reading. There’s a lot of things you said that were true…especially about me…All that to say that your reading is really making me think and it’s helping me also…Do you even realize how much you touched me with this message? Wow I’m so emotional right now because you replied and you weren’t even obligated to. Thank you! Thank you because not even you made my heart feel better but because you gave me hope in myself that I can eventually find my own answers. It’s a true gift you gave me right now and for that I will always be grateful.– Karine, Canada

Hei Jonika, Thank you for one of the best predictions I’ve ever seen. It was nice you said about dowsing. I hear you when you say it. Then I would not put all my money on this project. Thanks for a great and honest reading. 🙂 – Ann, Norway

Jonika, Hi! I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the work you are doing. I found you via Pinterest, where you are killing it. There are surprisingly few good tarot people there, and your pins are just fantastic. (I especially like how you combine crystals with tarot). Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thank you. I know how blogging & website stuff sometimes gets to be a slog, but I really appreciate how much time & effort you are putting into everything. It really matters, and is very inspiring! – Angie, USA

Jonika, May I say that I found so much assurance with your detailed reading. It was so much more then I had expected! It was so spot on! I really thank you so much! I am looking forward to future readings. I am concerned about my relationship and you were so spot on about how he is handling this and like you said my intuition made me feel that as well. Again thank you so much for your message it was exactly what I needed! – Sarah, USA

Hi Jonika! Wow! You are amazing! You’ve hit the nails on the head with this reading. This reading will help me move on I believe. This is definitely what I needed to hear. I found you on Pinterest and felt a connection to you so I decided to reach out to you. I am a tarot reader myself (though not professionally at the moment) and I have been looking for someone to read my cards for quite sometime. I will be returning to you and referring you. What threw me for a loop was that you picked up that I think about him at night, especially before bed. Thank you again, Jonika. Loved the reading. – Samantha, USA

Dear Jonika, I hope you are doing fine. I am writing to inform you that I already found a job. I am so happy about this! Your tarot reading was spot on, and I have found a job as a Highschool teacher once again. I feel happy I am working again. The salary is not what I was expecting, but like you mentioned in the reading, it covers the bills and monthly basic expenses. I took the job as an opportunity to gain more experience in the field of teaching and at the same time earn a fair salary that at least pays for the bills. I am not a big spender, so the money I earn now will help a lot in the meanwhile; and as you said in the reading, I hope this job to be the gateway to a job I really want. Please find below your exact words (regarding the 4 of pentacles).

“The job won’t be something you really wanted (it won’t be perfect and ideal), but it will pay your bills and any kind of debts you may have. I believe that in time, this job can turn into something you really enjoy or it will be a gateway to the job you really want.”

Thank you very much again for your great reading Jonika!!!. Perhaps in the future I could contact you once again to ask you for another reading.– Alexandra, Paraguay

I had a reading from Jonika a few weeks ago, and I have to say she was right on point! Thus far, what she saw in her cards has come to manifestation. I am completely blown away. Jonika is not only the real deal, but is also willing to answer questions for clarity. She has a real gift and I will be consulting with her in the future should the need arise. I recommend her to anyone wanting an accurate reading. 5 stars for Jonika!!! – Rosella, Canada

Hi Jonika…it’s amazing how, since our first reading, you got my boyfriend’s personality right. Once again, you are gifted, I think you’re the only one who saw exactly what my situation is. Thank you. – Virginie, Australia

Dear Jonika, You have been so much help and so inspiring. I am going to make changes and begin meditating. I have experienced so much pain in my life and I felt I had overcome but I don’t think I have. You have such a wonderful talent. Thank you so much for helping me. – Rosella, Canada

I received my amazing tarot reading from Jonika Tarot this week, WOW! Jonika had me ask a question I wanted guidance on, her reading was so spot!! It solidified ideas that I had been tossing around but was unsure of and gave me several new very pertinent areas to focus on. I would highly recommend having Jonika Tarot do a reading for anything you want clarity and guidance on. Thank you Jonika Tarot!! – Lisa, Vermont, USA

Beautiful! Thank you. Spot on and food for thought! Love it!!! I just had my mini tarot reading by Jonika Tarot. Goose bumps! So spot on. She did a great job and I am so excited. I can definately recommend her. It was my first reading ever and now that I’ve lost my virginity…I am up for more. – Nadine, Munich, Germany

Thank you for taking the time to do this reading for me. You are absolutely on key. I appreciate the detail given as well as the advice for steps to take to work through this. You’re reading is accurate, insightful and encouraging! Many Blessings as you continue on your intuitive journey! – Tracey, British Colombia, Canada

I had a fabulous reading with Jonika Tarot yesterday she was insightful and gave me some great pointers for my business which I hadn’t thought about before!! I would highly recommend snapping her hand off and going for a reading! – Debbie, UK

Thank you for your Kindness and your reading. You are a gifted and very good at your readings. Always the best to you. Love and light. I would love to keep in touch. – Christie, Canada

Hi Jonika, yes I loved the reading you got me down to a tee I’m impressed you don’t read in a typical tarot way which can be quite heavy yet you were accurate straight to the point but supportive at the same time. I loved the reading and was impressed by your insight. By the way, I sorted my publishing deal yesterday so thank you for that it is meant to go ahead and I’m trying to get it out before Christmas… Love to you Jonika – Sheila, USA

This lady is an excellent reader. Completely accurate. Highly recommend her. – Monica, Ireland

Oh my, thank you so much for my reading. The part about me, I could have written myself, LOL. The part about my question is lovely to hear and so so accurate in your description. I will write the spirit guide message on my fridge and contemplate on it often. The reading was 100% relatable. Again thank you so much. You are a very kind and empathic lady and I feel honored that you have read for me xxx – Tracy, Spain

Thank you! Your reading is right on the mark. Everything you said resonates for me, Jonika. I am very persistent and thorough usually, as you said. Your reading stated everything I know to be true, and some new things, too. Thank you so much. And I do feel a bit like I have been sitting on a horse not going anywhere, but certainly I am ready to giddy – yup once again with the help of the Star. As I said, your reading was spot on! And very positive without holding back. I like that. I was inspired to finish up a couple more projects this morning. You are the bomb, baby! Thanks again. Blessings, and follow your bliss. – Linda, California, USA

Hi, I received reading from Jonika. She was great, accurate and to the point. Highly recommend her. – Jana, Knoxville, Tennessee

Thank you for the time you invested in the reading. It was hugely useful and left me feeling with much relief. I had been very confused about the relationship before I emailed for a reading, so confused that I couldn’t even tell if I was meant to be there or not. It is a huge relief to have read your input. I would very happily request another reading from you. Your insights were very helpful and provided me with much relief during a very stressful time. I appreciate your skills very much. – Madeline, Australia

Thank you so much for you reading. I feel like it was actually quite accurate. – Kala, USA

Thank you so much for your frank and honest reading. What you have said makes perfect sense to me – Bev, UK

Thanks so much for the reading ,,,,, i have never had such a précise one in my Life. Of course Will recommend you – Gabrielle, France

Thank you very much for this thoughtful and deeply compelling reading Jonika! You have really zoned in on the events that have led up to my decision. The part about being guarded and restricted resonates with me completely. I feel as if I have walked in the valley of the shadow of death and have come out with barely a pulse. The past is a factor and I have made my peace with it. Thank you so much for your amazing reading I am very pleased. Bless you. – Yolanda, USA

WOW! Oh my gosh, that was the absolute best reading I’ve ever received from anybody before! Extremely detailed and, answered every question I wanted to know. I really, really loved that. I am blown away at how accurate it was. Thank you so much for putting in the extra effort for that excellent reading! I’m sure you’re business will be extremely successful. You are extremely talented, thanks again – Aaliyah, USA

I would go back to you for a reading. You seem very kind and caring.

I would refer you to a friend. I wish you lived handy to have a reading party.

Your reading showed caring and concern. It was professional and informative. You stayed true to what your profile said. – Tammy, Canada

Thank you SO MUCH for a truly great read! I think you got the Significator exactly right, moreover the High Priestess gave the interview a good energy. I worked a lot before on all the different questions – and you were right, there were many! It was a very insightful reading. – Delinfrey, Estonia

I would like to give your reading a rating of 5 stars. I gained the perspective I needed so much, and the outcome of the reading for me, is that I have encouragement to follow the path I have chosen. Your impressions and intuitions were very accurate – in particular the blue silk, and the cash in my hands. My website has many images of me wearing blue – it is my favourite colour. The nine of swords was a card I kept turning up in readings I was doing for myself – your interpretation makes so much more sense to me than traditional readings for this card. I DO muse, and plan late at night, and most of my creative work is done then. The advice you gave for further success is valuable and gives me encouragement, and is already showing results, particularly as I have re-written my advertising material and website and invested in more advertising. – Tam, Australia