Symbols in Tarot | Personal Symbolism

Symbols in Tarot _ Personal Symbolism

Symbols in Tarot | Personal Symbolism. There are many symbols in Tarot. Tarot itself is based on the power of symbolism. Each Tarot card contains several symbols that help us interpret the card. For example, by just looking at each Tarot Suite: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles, we know which season of the weather is being pointed out. See the illustration below to find out which season is indicated by which Tarot suite. Note: Aces of each suite (Ace of Wands, etc.), in a reading, can predict when an event is most likely to occur. You can see nice flash cards of Tarot symbols on my TAROT, READINGS Pinterest board. Just click on the link…

Tarot Suites and Seasons:

WANDS_ spring (growth)CUPS_ summer (maturity)SWORDS_ winter (hibernation)PENTACLES_ fall_autumn (harvest)

Symbol is „a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract.”

Each symbol has its specific meaning and its placement on the Tarot card was carefully planned. Each Tarot symbol has its purpose. Tarot symbols create a road map for our intuition. They lead us to the correct interpretations and accurate future predictions. As we are looking at a Tarot card, one or more symbols may stand out. They seem more prominent than others and this happens for a reason.

What it Means When a Symbol Stands Out

When one or more symbols seem brighter than others or our eye keeps going back to it over and over again, it means that is what we should focus on. That is the thing we need to interpret because that’s what our client needs to hear. The symbol is telling us, „This is what’s going on in your client’s life and you need to interpret me now.“ It is always 100 percent accurate.

Since the dawn of time, people have been experiencing vivid dreams, they have been drawn to certain drawings, they have been captivated by pictures. Certain images occur over and over again throughtout ages. The same drawing is used by several very different cultures from different places on Earth.

For many of us, the idea of exploring symbols is a stressful job because we don’t know how to interpret them. The important thing to remember is that we need to start with our personal symbolism. That will put us at ease. We can learn our own personal symbolism by simply working with our imagination and our dreams. We need to take our time thinking about them, writing them down, wondering about the feelings they envoke within us. We should notice the colors or the personalities that are represented by our mind.

How to Develop Personal Symbolism

For example, you dream of being swallowed by a big wave out in the sea. You feel threatened, overwhelmed. You wake up scared and tired. Developing Personal Symbolism: Write down what you saw in your dream: the sea, big waves. Now, write down how the dream made you feel. What kind of emotions did those big waves triggered in you: fear, being overwhelmed, stress. Is there a situation in your life that’s causing you stress and you feel like you are being overwhelmed by it? Is the situation something you have no power over (just like you don’t have any power over those waves. You cannot command ocean waves.)? I am sure you will say „yes“. And voila – you just learned your first personal symbol:

Big Waves, Choppy Sea = feelings of being overwhelmed, scared, and stressed out over a situation you cannot seem to resolve/don’t have control over.

Tarot and Symbols

In Tarot, it is very beneficial to learn the traditional meanings of all the symbols. By learning them, we will develop a wider symbol database in our subconscious. It’s like learning to speak. The more words we learn, the more intelligent we sound. 😉 Once we become proficient in interpreting symbols, we will start building up on our knowledge. Our symbol database will start getting wider and more elaborate with practice. To give you an example, The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card Wheel of Fortuneis traditionally interpreted as „a change for the better is coming into your life.“ I agree with this interpretation. There is nothing wrong with it. I have worked with this interpretation for years. And then a shift happened in my mind. I kept pulling this Tarot card in for situations that called for a different kind of interpretation.

The picture of the wheel of fortune always stands out to me whenever I pull this card. Ever since I was a child, the wheel of fortune has represented something fleeting – a good luck coming my way, but it also disappears as soon as it appears. It represents something in-substantial and something that gives us just hope, but nothing else. I memorized my personal symbol as such and now, every time I pull this Tarot card, I interpret it as „You will be very close to success, but it will not get manifested. Unfortunately, you need to keep your resolve strong, don’t get discouraged, and keep moving forward. The Wheel of Fortune is giving you a thumbs-up. You are on the right path. The success will be reached, but later than you expect.“

I have created simple flash cards to help you learn Tarot symbols. Each picture contains one symbol and its meanings. I hope you will like them and find them helpful! I am creating more Tarot flash cards as I go along so stay tuned! You can see them also on my Pinterest profile, on my TAROT, READINGS board. This board is a group board: if you’d like to join in, just let me know! Email me or follow the instructions on the TAROT, READINGS Pinterest board.

Tarot Symbol Flash Cards

Tarot Symbols The Sunflower
Tarot Symbolism – the sunflower


Tarot Symbols The Moon
Tarot Symbolism – the moon


Tarot Symbols The Lantern
Tarot Symbolism – the lantern


Tarot Symbols The Infinity Symbol
Tarot Symbolism – the infinity symbol


Tarot Symbolism – the cat


Tarot Symboslism – the color black



Tarot Symbolism – the color blue



Tarot Symbolism – the color red



Tarot Symbolism – the color yellow



Tarot Symbolism – the image of the sun


Tarot Symbolism – the fish

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