TAROT JOURNALTarot journal is a journal Tarot readers use to keep notes and their personal interpretations of the Tarot cards. As far as I know, every Tarot reader has used a Tarot journal at some point of her or his career. I have used it too. I have filled up about 4 notebooks with my readings and notes about the cards and my vivid dreams.IMG_2041

There are Several Benefits to Keeping the Tarot Journal:

  1. As we go through our spiritual journey, we find out everything is connected to everything else. The synchronicities are many times very faint and hard to remember. Writing them down in a journal reinforces this specific experience and we will remember it. It teaches us not to discount our intuition.
  2. The weight is in the details. Journaling forces us to focus on the details of the imagery and discover what they mean to us. It makes us think about connections. For example, on the Star card, there is a picture of a bird. Have you noticed it? For the longest time, I didn’t know it was there! Only after I started journaling, I noticed it.
  3. As we keep practicing working with Tarot, we slowly establish a secret language between us and the spirit world. It’s all about symbolism. This language of symbols is unique to us alone and journaling helps us establish it. For example, I know that the reversed World is almost always about criminal activities, criminal minds, or shady characters. How I established this meaning? There was one reading I did some time ago about the work of a criminal analyst. I pulled the World reversed. I knew immediately that the card meant the main purpose of the criminal analyst job is to study the world of crime or “the underworld.” This interpretation intrigued me so much that I wrote in down into my Tarot journal. A few months later, I was doing another reading about a man and his character. I pulled the World reversed. I looked into my journal and I immediately knew what the card meant. The man in question had criminal inclinations. The feedback I received confirmed my interpretation.
  4. Keeping the Tarot journal will help us learn Tarot faster! It will help establish our connection to our Tarot deck which is important in order to be an accurate reader. Once we know our cards well, we will feel like we know what we are doing and feel more secure in allowing our intuition to deliver messages to us.

Tarot Journal Layout

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different Tarot journal templates out there. But what is the most important to have in your journal? I recommend having one whole blank page where you can glue an image of your Tarot card. The blank space around the card will allow you to write down your impressions of the card’s imagery. You will have an ample space to describe your card and interpret every little detail on it. Then, there should be a space for at least five different areas of your card’s interpretation:52574e7ad8006fdc2dcd376ff2304369

a) Significant Details

b) Person and Personality Traits

c) Spirituality

d) Work/Career/Education

e) Personal Relationship/Love.

Of course, you can make more slots for different angles of interpreting it. It all depends on your personal preference. There are no boundaries.

I highly recommend this format of the Tarot journal called My Tarot Journal by Katrina de Witt. There is plenty of space for writing and playing with interpretations. It has one blank page for each card so you can make direct notes about the cards’ imagery and details. It’s a soft cover book and I like that fact about it. Once I put some information in, I know I will always find it there. No more post-its or notes on scraps of paper. Here are some examples of Tarot journal templates from the Internet.tarot journal 4

You may wonder where to get a printable version of Tarot cards. It’s easy. This site provides the printable version of the Raider-Waite deck.

Tarot Journal Survey

So, is using the Tarot journal really beneficial? The asnwer is a loud Yes! And I can prove it. See for yourself below. I have done a small research among the fellow Tarot readers and this is what they have to say about Tarot journaling: I asked the Tarot enthusiasts and readers if they kept the Tarot journal; if so, why; and if they found it beneficial for their practice.

Chris: “It will help you reflect… going back can reveal more subtle information that create a more intimate relationship between you and the cards…”

Sue: “I keep a tarot journal. I don’t write much, just the spread and the cards. I like to see which cards repeatedly come up.”

Lorrel: “Yes. I record how the card reads to better nail my interpretations. I have just started an online card journal for the Wildwood Tarot, which I am currently studying. The Wildwood Tarot is based on the RWS (Raider-Waite Tarot), but has its own differences. I am going thru the deck card-by-card, and writing down my interpretations so that I may solidify them. These descriptions remain in-flux, and are added to or subtracted from – as I work with the cards, more of their own unique character is revealed to me so that it is an organic and ever-evolving process. I do try to find quotes that match with the cards as another way to communicate their message. This is basically the system that works best for me to learn the tarot – as you can see, I am a serious student!” Lorrel talks about her journey through the Major Arcana cards on her blog.

Shonna: “I do. I am learning elemental dignities so pull 3 cards and work through them one by one to understand the effect of their tarot journal 2elements. I will ask, “What is the best way to approach this day?” or I might have a more specific question if there is something on my mind. First, I write down my free flowing thoughts about each card, then I think about the numerology and astrology, and finally I focus on the element, and how it affects the other cards in the reading and applies to my question. This is a technique I learned from Catherine Chapman on her Tarot Elements blog. I might also right down some practical actions to take that come out of the reading, and sometimes I willl come back to it at the end of the day and reflect.”

Switm-Monique: “Yes I keep a separate grimore for my readings.”

Georgina: “Good question. I don’t but I have been thinking of maybe starting one. I keep copies and notes on all my readings but not a journal.”

Victoria: “I think it is a lovely idea that I would to implement some day… (There is a pile of stuff to do some day lol). On the other hand, I have read wonderful inspirational stuff from people who actually do it.”

Jen: “I wish I had time to journal. I guess my blog would replace a journal but I haven’t been writing my blog lately either. As I do tarot journal 3readings, I do record the spreads in a notebook but it’s more for recordkeeping purposes.”

Melanie (Babushka Lady Tarot): “Yep, just for my daily tarot draws. It helps to look back and see how certain combos play out again and again (and in different ways).”

Carmen: “In my previous job as a corporate manager I kept on track with sticky notes and I now jot down tarot notes on stickies or index cards. At some point I gather my notes and teach a class. My notes become word documents and excel spreadsheets printed out and put into plastic sheet protectors before being made into reports with plastic report covers.”

Emily: “I keep a bound journal and write out meanings of my daily draws and try to figure out how it relates to me and my life at the moment. I’ll also jot down spreads that I do for myself. I have a section in the back with general meanings for the four suits and court cards, and a page for numerology. It’s not really organized, but I do write down the date at the top of the page.”

Tara: “When I first started Tarot – I had 2 notebooks that I wrote in cover to cover which had the card meanings more or less sequentially. Major arcana to minor arcana – divided up by suits. The meanings were integrated with my own impressions of the cards. Now my other Tarot journals are more about unique ways a card might come up in a reading for me, and are more about the things I observe in client practice and things like spreads.”

Sherrone:I kept a Tarot journal when I first started to learn and study Tarot. I drew a card of the day every day until I completed the 78 cards, studied the card and pen down my thoughts on it. It helps me read better and faster! Guess what, I started reading for others after nearly 3 months of learning Tarot.

Do you have the Tarot journal? Does it help you with your readings? What does it look like? Share your comments below!

If you do not have one yet, consider buying My Tarot Journal by Katrina de Witt. I have a very good experience with it. Happy writing!

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  1. This is a really fun post! Full of great info. I love all the different designs you list here. I started my journal some time ago and use it for only my daily draws. It helps me remember the interpretations better! 🙂

  2. I just started Oracle reading a couple of months ago and I love it. I started on myself doing a daily pull. Then I started doing spreads. It truly amazed me what the spirits/cards was telling me. I started with my oracle of mermaids deck and did those for about two months before I got my second deck shape shifters. I have yet did a reading on anyone else except my husband, and even his reading came out to be true, I was so proud of myself, because I felt like i was connecting with my oracle cards and what they where trying to tell me. I will continue to read and connect with my oracle cards and my crystals. I do keep a Oracle journal and just looking back on everything I wrote in it I have came a long way.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, capri. Isn’t it amazing how it works? Perhaps, it’s time you started reading for other people (family, friends) if you feel comfortable doing so. Your intuition is strong. You trust your vibes and the cards. If you continue to read your cards, your abilities will become sharper and sharper. Basically, the sky is the limit. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!! Before I started reading Oracle cards on myself , I always had a six sences 🔮 but not with the Oracle cards and crystals it became stronger. I just would like to thank you and all the tarot/oracle readers out there for starting a community blog like this and inspiring one another to continue following the beautiful spirits that lead us.

        1. Awesome! I was the same way before I started reading Tarot. And crystals do help a lot – I agree with you. Perhaps, you could investigate, on a deeper level, your own unique psychic ability: where your strengths lie so you can develop it further, on a more deeper level, with the help of your cards.
          Thank you for your support and appreciation of this blog! <3 I am very glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts with us. 🙂

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