The SUN Tarot Card

This is a blog post about the Tarot card The Sun: key words, interpretation, advice, Tarot card combinations. The goal of this post is for the reader to learn Tarot.

Reaching success, Achieving happiness


  • Wholeness
  • Achievement
  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Joy
  • Synthesis



In health readings, the Sun speaks of fatigue, feelings of being burnt out, run down, or uninspired. Your psychic ability is slowed down or weakened. Beware of getting sunburnt. Overall, you may not feel very good and you may think you don’t look very good either. You may alter your appearance (cut your hair, for example). The Sun promises resolving all the issues with health; however, be careful because that may mean regaining one’s health or physical death.


The Sun reversed doesn’t bring bad news as you would think. The card’s effect is only slowed down. You will have to work harder to achieve happiness or success or it will take longer to achieve your goal. Stay focused on what you are trying to achieve because success is around the corner. The card’s energy is present, only at a lower level.



The Sun is tricky to interpret because it has two different meanings. It depends on the reader’s intuition and surrounding cards to figure out whether the interpretation is more positive or negative. From my personal experience, though, the Sun has come up for situations that are more negative (being burnt out rather than happy). I am not sure why that is…but especially in relationship questions, the Sun tends to point toward the feelings of being burnt-out or issues that stand in the way of happiness. Let’s take a look at what the Sun means exactly.
The focus of the Sun is on people, keeping appearances, society, self-image, or spiritual quests. This card also predicts a union or marriage. It shows success and profit in any endeavor. You have enough strength to achieve your goal. The card shows feelings of joy.
Alternatively, this card warns against your wanting to prove something to yourself and consequently, taking a wrong path. You want to look good in front of others, but deep inside, you don’t feel a sense of well-being because the things you really want, your heart’s desires, are missing. You are trying to put on a façade.
In a dominant position in the reading, the Sun can be interpreted as winning, success, and fame. These can lead to spiritual growth or growth of selfishness—depending on the personality of the querent.

Work and Career

Things will be very slow, but you won’t want to work anyway. You need a new element to boost your inspiration and this element will appear. A new line of work or a tempting business offer may be proposed to you. You’ll be lucky in overcoming financial difficulties or adversities. You may not see the results right away, but remember that the right actions were taken so success and positive results are on the way.

Love and Relationships

You will not be with the one you want and your future will look very uncertain. You will need to clarify and analyze the issues that have been bothering you in your relationship. Otherwise, you will not be able to resolve them and move on. Generally, this card comes up for relationships that are not doing that well. The partners are not on the same page and so the relationship is put on ice. Because the Sun card is a positive card, it gives us a promise that all misunderstandings will be resolved and happiness will be restored. Before that happens; however, the partners will have to come together and talk about their issues. Without this direct approach and proactive attitude, they will not be able to restore their mutual happiness.


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The Sun tends to come up for people who are burnt out in their relationships. They feel like they need to step away for a while and take a break from their partners. These feelings of being burnt out or burnt come from issues and problems that have not been deal with in a long time. The relationship has become too bright, hot, and intense and it’s too much to handle. So the appearance of the Sun doesn’t automatically mean happiness, but it does show the need to clear the issues that are there…and then, the happiness will be restored.

What advice to give

Keep an open mind and you will be able to see the truth. Don’t be selfish. Don’t be greedy (finances). Try not to think of yourself all the time because selfishness will blind you and keep you away from finding happiness. The Sun urges you to think of the others (your coworkers, your partner, your family members, and friends) – try to walk in their shoes, try to be more empathetic.


  • The sun—consciousness, inner strength, everything that shines, growth.
  • Child—innocence, truth, a symbol of the inner child (inner Self).
  • Sunflowers—they express adoration, loyalty, and longevity.
  • Red banner held by the child—the child holds it in his/her left hand symbolizes the power of the subconscious.
  • White horse—power, purity, endurance, and the need to be less arrogant or selfish.
  • Wall—building up confidence, reputation; emotional awakening (overcoming the wall, the querent has built for her/himself) after a period of “dark” times.


• With the Wand cards—this card shows how a person will use her/his success: to help others and society or to selfishly celebrate her/his self.
• With a negative Sword card—problems with officials and bureaucracy
• With the higher cards of Pentacles (except of 10 of Pentacles)—arrogance, stubbornness, overlooking important issues.
• With the card indicating an illness—the Sun card on the right from the cards indicate that health will be achieved.

Opposing cards:

source: LearnTarot

  • Moon – confusion, disorientation, illusion
  • Eight of Cups – weariness
  • Six of Swords – depressed, listless
  • Five of Pentacles – being rundown, tired

Supporting cards:

source: LearnTarot

  • Tower – enlightenment, revelation
  • World – accomplishment, great achievement
  • Two of Wands – personal power, vitality, brilliance
  • Six of Wands – acclaim, prominence


Visit my blog article about the symbol of the Sun Symbols in Tarot | Personal Symbolism



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