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Learn Tarot -8- THE STRENGTH Tarot Card

This is a blog post about the Tarot card The Strength: key words, interpretation, Tarot card combinations. The goal of this post is for a reader to learn Tarot.


  • Desire
  • will
  • courage
  • instinct
  • passion
  • sexuality
  • physical strength
  • vitality
  • decisiveness;

Health: heart, circulatory system, sexuality and reproductive organs;

Reversed: anger, jealousy, uncontrolled primal desires, sudden and dangerous change of character;


This card talks about the strength to do something or—the opposite—not to do something. You must figure this out from the question or situation.

This card appears very often at times when we are trying to suppress something or when we are fighting something—this fight is most likely within us. And so it talks about taming ourselves, getting our emotions under control, but it may also be about “breaking something over one’s knee”=forcing something. The cards that accompany the Strength will tell us whether we are managing our passions and emotions/reactions well or we are acting violently toward others or ourselves.

This is truly a card with a strong message. The card Strength depicts a brave woman who is able to tame the wild beast by her side. She has a tremendous amount of passion and strength contained within her. She can either use these abilities to her advantage or she can become overwhelmed and consumed by them.

We can use either our intelligence or inner strength to do and accomplish things. This card suggests that the motivation for our actions is courage and inner desire to do it. It is a natural part of us; it is a strong instinct embedded deeply in our psyche.

The mouth of the lion is full of teeth which shows us that we want to “bite into” an activity or project with vigor and nothing will stand in our way. We will simply “chew through” any obstacles or setbacks.

The energy that is present is directed toward any types of relationships. It is there where this energy can meet with its counterpart so they can interact and exchange their own instinctive energies. Therefore, the Strength card may be a sign that you need to increase your effort to get along or cooperate with your colleagues at work. If your Strength (your efforts) encounters problems and misunderstanding on the part of others, it may quickly result in rivalry. The Strength brings a new spark into love relationships (marriages and long-term relationships). The Strength is a strong source of energy. You must actively get a hold of it and direct it where you want it to go.

The Strength also characterizes teenage effervescence. It is the time of life when teenagers start feeling strong sexual desire. Sex has an unbelievable power to motivate people to do everything is their power to make their counterparts notice them. Of course, we don’t have to think only of teenagers in this context. The Strength comes out for anyone, any relationship, where sexual desire is very strong and the main motivator of people’s actions. It comes with a warning though. The human desire is wild at this time and requires a very strict control. Otherwise, there is a risk of doing things recklessly and that can result in uncomfortable consequence for all involved.

Don’t forget that The Strength can manifest itself also around you, in your environment. Perhaps it is going to be you who are going to be a target of someone’s desire. Pay attention to people around you and how they respond to you at this time. You may get surprised.

On a negative note, be careful sharing your desires with the one you want. This card may be warning you that you haven’t found the one—the partner who is right for you. You are merely forcing your will onto someone who doesn’t want it. You may be just trying to prove to yourself that you are not too rusty to feel desire. Or worse: you are trying to hurt someone or get revenge due to your anger and impulsiveness. Remember to be honest with yourself and your feelings. Impulsiveness will get you in trouble.

The Strength Tarot Card Interpretation


The Strength tells us that the inner strength of a person is the highest way to govern oneself. Taming the wild beast, in some cases your own libido, requires a lot of self-awareness. This is represented by the fact that the scene is depicted in daylight. The Strength represents subconscious, desire, intuition, creative use of our will.

It announces two important things:

1. The one who gets this card is motivated by the need to act, love, and his or her intelligence more than fear (this is represented by the lady’s calm face expression and her white robe).

2. The person who gets this card is ready to start living again and become an active participant in society. His or her strength is used in those areas where it is needed the most. (The lady is wearing a wreath on her head as a crown which means that her strength blooms because she is able to control herself, her instincts, and primal needs).


Some combinations:

+ 7 to 10 of Wands = problems of the Ego and psychological blocks

+ 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, court cards of Swords = false beliefs of the Ego and wrong kind of assumptions/thinking about things

+ 3, 5 of Wands: being ready for action

+ 5, 7 of Pentacles: a sudden change of personality which could be dangerous


The Strength ads true passion and depth to your actions and interactions. The intensity can be very different so be prepared for strong experiences. Be on alert as well. The Strength is like fire—a good servant, but a bad lord.





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