I would like to talk about our inner strength, courage, fears, and doubts. When we feel insecure and we doubt ourselves, our will and inner strength start to fade. Everything that used to be crystal clear is now covered by fog and it is not easy to see things objectively, least of all with perspective. It is that state of mind when you truly want to change your life, but your doubts and fears are keeping you in place. The abyss in front of you is so great and full of uncertain futures that you simply cannot move.

Have you found yourself in such a state before? I am sure you have. I have, many times!

What can you do about it?

Let’s examine what is holding you away from change and let’s be honest about it. Is it fear? Fear of what? Is it fear of uncertainty, failure, bad development, making mistakes, or being more vulnerable than you are now? It is very possible one or more of these things will happen to you. Thanks to experiencing life to the fullest, someone or something can hurt you—but that’s the risk of life itself. That’s the reality of life—nothing is JUST good or just bad. Life is a Yin-Yang. There is a little bit of bad in everything good. We live and we overcome obstacles in between. People, who can’t find courage within themselves to live and love because of the risk of getting hurt in the process, don’t live—they are slowly dying.

On the other hand, it could be your fear of success! You may fear that you will gain something which will become very important to you. It’s a big, scary thought of losing what’s important to you. Someone may become jealous of you because of it and will want to take it from you. Or you are afraid of showing the world how unique you are. You are afraid of standing out from the crowd.

You have nothing to lose if you don’t risk anything (if you don’t show your uniqueness or dare to be different). However, you also don’t gain anything which means you don’t grow in any way. You will stay the same, in the same place in life, bored, self-conscious, unfulfilled, and with unrealized potential.

As soon as doubts and fears start to get a hold of you, you have to realize that this “scarecrow” isn’t real! It’s not real; it’s not here; it may live in the far future (REMEMBER:  the future hasn’t happened yet); or it may live in your mind, but IT IS NOT REALITY and IT IS NOT A FACT. A very good method to deal with insecurities is to image what is the WORST that can happen. Many times people realize that the worst thing that can happen is not as bad as it seemed at first and it would be no big deal if it actually happened. Once you realize the worst thing that can happen to you, release it to the Higher Power. Ask your spirit guides, your angels, God, or deceased loved ones to take it away from you—to pull it out of your aura. Then, bring your courage forward and take a leap of faith. Take a little step forward. Many times, this little step forward is all you need to do to start “rolling” toward your dream future.

Your fears and doubts may come back again and again. When that happens, you need to focus on the thoughts that bring you joy, strengthen you, and support your enthusiasm and positive expectations. Look forward to everything new; enjoy nice things; spend time with people who laugh with you. Keep the image of your positive future in mind and in the meantime, enjoy the present. Your potential is waiting for you. Leave the gray foggy place where your fears control everything—escape from your comfort zone.

Life is too short for procrastinating and too beautiful to be lived without joy and fulfillment.

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