Sample Readings


Aaliyah of The USA:

I was just recently seeing a guy and we seemed to hit it off and connect so deeply, but lately, things started to change. We barely started to talk and just recently over a week ago, we having spoken at all. I am very confused on what has happened and I am wondering what the outcome of this situation is. Also, my ex-boyfriend has re-appeared in my life, but we are just friends and everything seems to be going so well. What can I expect from this as well?

A part of the reading:



You used to date in the past and now, he is back in your life. You see some possibilities there. I feel like you find him mysterious and you want to find out what’s going on in his life and why he showed up in your life again. You want details. You NEED to know the background story (the secrets so to speak). I also feel like you being with him feels like magic. He surprises you and that makes him feel refreshing to you. On the other hand, he may be giving you mixed signals. You can’t really tell what he wants. And you don’t know how you feel exactly about him.

I see you being in this quandary right now. This man is making you look at your life from a different angle and you may be reconsidering your present. You may be feeling like you may be falling in love with him again! I suggest you really be aware of why you may be feeling like this – what is causing it and ask yourself if these feelings are real or just a reflection of something that’s missing in your life at present. Maybe you are telling yourself you want more from a relationship than what you’ve been getting. I think him appearing in your life is a temptation for you to leave everything behind (even your current partner) and go into the unknown with him.

There are definitely feelings between you two. I see he still has some romantic feelings toward you, for sure – it’s like a flashback from the past – he remembers how he used to feel when you were dating. He wants to “test the waters” to see if there’s a potential for something more. I think he genuinely likes you, too, and wants to be friends first. There are a lot of positive feelings floating around. I don’t think he wants to use you – quite the opposite, he is going about his feelings and intentions very gently and slow, which is good.


WOW! Oh my gosh, that was the absolute best reading I’ve ever received from anybody before! Extremely detailed and, answered every question I wanted to know. I really, really loved that. I am blown away at how accurate it was. Thank you so much for putting in the extra effort for that excellent reading! I’m sure your Tarot business will be extremely successful. You are extremely talented, thanks again – Aaliyah, USA


Preeti of India:

Dear Jonika, can you do a finance reading? I have a feeling a lot of stuck up money is going to come in by end of this month or early next month. It’s basically money that should have arrived through various sources, all not coming due to different reasons.

A part of the reading:



I feel like the money is not stuck, but only delayed. There have been some filing or paperwork delays made – I strongly feel this is not your fault, but the persons’ who are supposed to send the money to you.  They have delayed the payments. But, also, you haven’t been on top of things either (perhaps, you let a few of them slide, or you haven’t noticed some of them until later). I also get that there have been some mistakes done in invoicing. I am getting:  miscalculations, bad invoicing, the money is on the way, but it’s delayed, and the ones who still owe you need to be reminded of it in a firm way. Somebody has charged more than they should – probably by mistake. Somebody has charged for “shipping and handling” more than they should have. I feel like you need to do your own accounting – in order to find out where the money’s gone and how much. You need to backtrack every penny anyway you can – to be more focused on this area (on the numbers). The cards are saying, “Don’t write it off as a loss.”, “Find out everything”.  It’s a meticulous and very detailed, time consuming work – and you need to give it a try. There is a chance you’ll get the money back, eventually, but I feel like you’ll have to do some collections work.  Is this a new venture? Have you started doing this work just recently? Because the cards suggest that you have. I see that it’s a profitable enterprise – or in other words, it’s brought you a lot of money. There’s much more money to be made, but you need to get a handle on these losses. It’s crucial you analyze the whys and create a preventative plans to stop losses from happening in the future (or keep them to a minimum).  Keep a better track of your numbers and get on top of losses, don’t wait.


Thanks a lot Jonika. You are right about so many things. We have let things slip a lot. Improper planning, not being too strict about the rules and such things may have resulted in losses. We are trying to correct those through proper calculations and trying to avoid that from happening in the future to cut our losses. Also, you are so right about us trying to prove to others. This new project we want to take up seems to be the answer to making quick money. I will definitely think in the way you have suggested about taking a whole new approach. In fact, I have heard about this for the second time from you. Thank you for the amazing read as this is giving me fresh perspective on things. It totally relates to me. Thank you for taking the time for me. This really helps. – Preeti, India

DISCOVER YOUR ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) READING

Lohla of The USA:

I would like to know about my spirit guide and what is he or she trying to tell me right now?

A part of the reading:



The spirit guide who came through to me is a female. She has long black hair and slender arms with small hands. Her hands are very gentle and she helps you create art. I feel like you are artistic, you paint or something of that nature, and she is here to help you and guide you in this matter. I see she has very kind brown eyes and she’s wearing a light summer dress that’s long (it reaches her ankles) either cream or light blue, and it doesn’t make her look matronly. She looks like a young girl from a romantic novel. She’s of a short stature – she is presenting herself as maybe 5’4” tall. She sends you a lot of love.

I am seeing that when you are creating something, she is guiding your hands. She is literally right there, guiding your fingers and your wrists. I can’t help it but feel you paint or draw – you use colors, pencils, and your imagination to produce beauty. It may be something you are not earning money by doing yet, but it is something that makes you happy.

I tried to ask for her name and I got: Raven  


The physical description is really spot on, especially the garment you described her wearing! You’re right that I am really artistic — I have always been really visual and taken a lot of art classes, I always find it very soothing to make something beautiful. It translates somewhat to my career because I work in fashion — a big part of my job is creating images. The name Raven is really interesting — I remember liking it when I was little, though I can’t remember why. I know a lot of cultures describe them as negative symbols but I actually find them quite reassuring — like they’re there to help you feel comforted in solitude, which goes along with the process of making art! I also liked how you described her as looking kind of romantic and sweet — I definitely feel that relating to my artistic tendencies and have always associated it with the colors you described. I feel like I have “felt” or “pictured” her presence before, little details like the dress and the hair and her presence when I’m being creative, but your description really makes it much more easy to picture. This reading is amazing…Thank you so much for this beautiful reading! – Lohla, USA