RELATIONSHIP TAROT READING As a professional Tarot reader, good 80 percent of my readings are about relationships. It is understandable since love is what we want the most in life. No one is an island. We long for companionship, someone to share our life with. Love is the moving force in the Universe. Everyone wants to be loved and Tarot is an excellent tool to provide clarity and guidance during relationship problems or dilemmas.  My clients want me to do Tarot readings about these three most common relationship problems:

I am Stuck Between Two Lovers

Will We Ever Get Back Together

I Want to Break Up

Based on my clients’ needs, I have created three (3) relationship Tarot spreads that fit these type of questions perfectly.

  • Between Two Lovers Tarot Spread
  • Will We Ever Get Back Together Tarot Spread
  • I Want to Break Up Tarot Spread

Between Two Lovers Tarot Spread

Sometimes, we are caught between two different partners. One is our current boyfriend/girlfriend and the other is someone new who we are attracted to or someone from our past making his or her way back into our life again. Understandably, we feel confused about the whole situation and we need to know what is going on and what kind of action (if any) we should take.


This spread has five Tarot questions:

  1. How does Partner A feel about me (What are his or her true intentions)?
  2. How does Partner B feel about me (What are his or her true intentions)?
  3. The future of my relationship if I choose Partner A.
  4. The future of my relationship if I choose Partner B.
  5. Advice (Optional)

The fifth card is optional. We can pull one or more cards for each question depending on our needs. I use this spread all the time and it works great. I am able to deliver the much needed answers to my clients every time.

Will We Ever Get Back Together Tarot Spread

We regret splitting up with our ex-partner. Either we broke-up with our partner or our ex-partner broke-up with us. We need to know if rekindling the relationship is possible (for we still have feelings for him and her, and we are not ready to move on yet). In this type of relationship Tarot reading, the focus is on what the future might hold. Is it going to be a friendship, reconciliation, or a total parting of ways? Some of the focus is to be on the ex-partner because our client needs to clear her or head and know where he or she stands.

Will We Ever Get Back Together

This relationship Tarot spread has only four cards and they cover pretty much the whole spectrum of energies that are at play. It covers the future development of this relationship as well. We can always pull more cards for each position to give us a more detailed view of the energies.

  1. What was/were the real reason/s for this break-up (What should have been done or said, but wasn’t which lead to the break-up)?
  2. How does your ex-partner really feel about you and this situation?
  3. What are the chances of you getting back together or staying friend?
  4. What is the best course of action for you at this time?

I Want to Break Up Tarot Spread

Many times, it takes us a few tries before we find the one. In such cases, a few break-ups are inevitable, even vital for our emotional health. We are torn between mustering the courage to have the dreaded talk (when we tell her or him, it’s not working out anymore) or sticking it out for a little bit longer and doing nothing. Some of us may be hoping our partner will start cheating on us which would give us an excuse to part ways. It can be extremely stressful to go through a break-up process. I have created this relationship Tarot spread to address all the concerns and to provide guidance on how to proceed.

This relationship Tarot spread has seven (7) cards, but trust me, we will need all of them in this type of relationship Tarot reading. Of course, we can always customize this spread and skip a few questions, but I highly recommend using all seven cards. They give us a complete picture of the situation and its future development. It considers both options: non-action and action.


The questions of this relationship Tarot spread are:

  1. What are the energies like in this relationship at this time? (Remember, Tarot gives us the true status of the energies at play. Tarot is non-biased, non-judgmental, and doesn’t take sides)
  2. Where are things headed if you do nothing?
  3. Is telling your partner you want to break-up the right choice or should you wait?
  4. What attitude/approach to take to prepare yourself for the break-up so you will minimize the emotional reaction from your partner?
  5. Will your partner appreciate your honesty? (This card will tell us what the immediate reaction of your partner will be)
  6. What reaction will you get from him or her after the break-up (will he or she be okay, can we expect any revenge actions from your ex-partner)?
  7. How will your life continue after the break-up?

These are the three Tarot spreads that cover the most common relationship Tarot questions. I hope you will have fun with them. Let me know how you like them! Do you have your own favorite relationship Tarot spread? If so, share it with me here! 🙂

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  1. I would like a “will we get back together tarot reading” please … my gut just says yes and I work a lot on my third eye intuition…please help

    Jenn. (Me) and Chuck (partner)

    Thank you

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