How to Find a Great Tarot Reader

How to Find a Great Tarot Reader

Insight Into How Tarot Readers Work

You can definitely find a great Tarot reader if you know what to look for. Every Tarot reader’s strength lays in his or her ability to use the conscious mind-power and one’s life experience. When I apply this statement to me, I can honestly say that the older and more experienced I get, the deeper and better my readings are. My life experience is “cataloged” in my subconscious in the form of different symbols. To give you an example of a symbol: I associate a village or small town with a community or place where people know each other and gather in a small geographical area. If I see a village in my mind during a Tarot reading, I know that it means my client is a part of a small community such as University or social group dedicated to some cause. Everything I go through in life will ultimately help me in my Tarot readings:

For example—

  • when my experience with different types of people has inspired me to choose different goals;
  • how my reactions to other people’s behavior has taught me valuable lessons;
  • when their reactions to different situations have shown me how other people think; and
  • how my handling problems in different ways have influenced my life overall.

I confidently say the more experienced we are as people, the better we can express what we see in the Tarot cards.

Thanks to all this accumulated information, along with the information stored in “the collective unconscious” (of Carl Jung’s teaching), I have an unlimited source of data to work with and I am able to utilize it correctly and accurately in my Tarot readings. I confidently say the more experienced we are as people, the better we can express what we see in the Tarot cards.

The More Experienced the Tarot Reader, the Better the Tarot Readings.

I’ve experienced many instances when I saw the story of my client unveil itself in my mind during a Tarot reading and it literally mirrored a certain experience from my own life, or it mirrored the way I used to feel in that kind of situation. My client’s predicament and my past experience “clicked”, “matched” and I was able to accurately describe the situation and its causes. Other times, my past life experiences worked as a “template” to which I could apply my client’s situation and find out what’s best for her or him. It is amazing how our psychic abilities work. Therefore, I encourage all Tarot readers to keep living their lives to the fullest. Don’t hide away thinking that you can become a good Tarot reader only by reading books and by becoming a hermit. No. Go live your life!

How to Find a Great Tarot Reader


I encourage all people who are contemplating to get a Tarot reading to go for it. When you are searching for the Tarot reader, look for this information:

    • Testimonials—you can read what other people/clients have to say about your Tarot reader’s skills. My potential clients can read my testimonials on my website and see how my customers like my Tarot readings.
    • Sample readings—you are able to read an actual reading from your reader. Notice how many details are mentioned, the writing style, how to topic is covered, how well the question is answered. I have the Sample Readings section on my website where you can find three (3) different types of readings and my clients’ reactions. I want my clients to see what they can expect! Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for me. If your Tarot reader doesn’t offer sample readings on his or her website, ask for them. Every professional should be able to provide them to you.
    • Price range—you can see if the reader offers readings for an affordable price. I offer readings for 39.00 or 65.00 USD which is a healthy average on today’s market.
    • Terms, Ethics, and Privacy Policy—every professional Tarot reader website should have its terms, ethics, and privacy policy stated. Read carefully about the refund policy as well. You can usually find these policies on the footer on a website. I have my terms, ethics, and privacy policy on the footer of my website.
    • Style of the website—do you like the colors, font, overall design, and the execution of the design?
    • Reader’s picture—a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at the reader’s picture and see how you feel about it. Do you like it? Do you feel like the reader is empathic, sympathetic, and genuine? Allow your intuition to guide you.
    • Professionalism—take a look at your Tarot reader’s way of speech. Does he or she write with compassion, kindness, and non-judgmental attitude? Is the speech professional, without too many grammar mistakes, and stylistically correct? Is the writing style easy to understand?


Now you know how to find a great Tarot reader. You get an insight into what helps Tarot readers become great Tarot readers. If you are interested in getting a Tarot reading, check out my website. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or post your comment below!

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