How to Create a Great Tarot Spread


Tarot spreads are an essential tool of every Tarot reader. There are ways how to create a great Tarot spread. Without Tarot spreads, there would be no Tarot readings. If we want to become a Tarot reader, we have to learn how to make our own Tarot spreads. There are millions of Tarot spreads out there, but they don’t always work for the Tarot question we may be facing at the moment. I use Tarot spreads that I find in Tarot books or online, but I almost always make my own Tarot spread which fits my client’s question perfectly or I customize already existing Tarot spread to fit it better to the Tarot reading I need to do.

We use empathy to not only do Tarot readings, but also to create Tarot spreads that give us the best and most accurate answers. If we know how to create a great Tarot spread, we become completely self-sufficient and extremely accurate as Tarot readers. We can work anywhere; we don’t have to rely on any online websites or Tarot books. Our skill to create a meaningful Tarot reading from any kind of chaotic question is our greatest asset.

Our skill to create a meaningful Tarot reading from any kind of chaotic question is our greatest asset.

Tarot Spread Shapes

We can make our Tarot spread look attractive by arranging Tarot cards in different shapes. The Tarot spread can look pretty, but it doesn’t have to be. Also, if you are a visual person as I am (You remember things visually. For example, you are looking for certain information and you know where you will find it by remembering the look of the page where it’s written.), making your Tarot spread into a certain shape will help you remember it. Your clients will appreciate it, too, because they will feel like their Tarot spread is visually appealing. You will look like a professional to them. Make it in a shape that is not only appealing to you and your client, but also shows you what kind of question it answers. A simple example – your Tarot spread for love would be in the shape of a heart; the Tarot spread about a break-up would be in a shape of a cross; the Tarot spread about overcoming obstacles would be in a shape of a wave.

There are certain shapes that fit into the Sacred Geometry category. We can take advantage of their energy and use them for our Tarot spreads. They will reinforce the power of the Tarot spread. The shape we form with the cards can also symbolize our desired outcome.

Here are a few Sacred Geometry Tarot spread shapes and their uses: (source of the list –

  • Square: Spreads concerning stability, security, structure, and strength.
  • Circle: Spreads concerning cohesiveness, well being, continuity, integration, and wellness.
  • Heart: Spreads concerning love, passion, and matters of the heart.
  • Upward Pointing Pyramid: Spreads regarding the higher self, spiritual matters, and enlightenment. How to achieve unity, harmony within ourselves, and personal development.
  • Downward Pointing Pyramid: Spreads regarding the subconscious, hidden motives, base desires, and driving forces.
  • Staircases Moving Up or Down: Spreads concerning where you want to go.
  • Cross: Spreads regarding overcoming obstacles with the solution/outcome card in the middle. Represents the divine power of God and our ability to overcome obstacles and life lessons via God’s power within us.

creativityMaking our own Tarot spreads exercises our creativity. Creativity is defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations. (source of the definition – And since the Tarot spread is meant to solve a problem, we can allow our creativity to go wild in figuring out how to solve it. Don’t be afraid of this process and don’t feel like you are not qualified to do it.

How to Create a Great Tarot Spread

There is a method to this madness. 😀 When you are faced with a question, always try to find out what your client wants to know specifically. What the main purpose of the Tarot reading should be. Many times, our clients tell us they want to know about their relationship—about the future of their relationship. Later on, however, we find out that what they really wanted to know was whether the boyfriend was serious about the relationship or not. As you can see, there is a definite undercurrent to the original question. Many clients don’t know how to phrase their questions for Tarot and it’s our job to take care of that detail. When we know what the main motivation behind the question is, we are able to turn our focus to what really matters. If we provide deep and meaningful Tarot readings, we will produce a high-level of customer satisfaction.

If you are not sure what the client expects to have answered, always ask them to make sure you are on the same page.

  1. Identify what exactly your client wants to find out a.k.a. “The Bulls-Eye” of the Tarot reading. Ask them exactly what they mean, what the underlying problem is, or if this is what they need to know by telling them how you understand their question. COMMUNICATE with your clients.
  2. Create your Tarot spread questions that target the bulls-eye. “All the roads lead to Rome.” Your Tarot spread should contain questions that will lead you to solving the problem.
  3. Avoid asking questions that lead to “yes”, “no” answers. It’s okay to use one or two. Most clients who ask you “yes, no questions” expect you to elaborate on the answers anyway. They just don’t tell you that because they don’t think they need to or they don’t know how Tarot works. Don’t sabotage yourself by putting only “yes, no” questions into your Tarot spread. You are risking that your clients will keep asking you more and more questions about their problem after the Tarot reading for clarification.
  4. Anticipate their needs before you do their Tarot reading and incorporate them into your Tarot Spread. Always try to provide more information via your Tarot spread than what your clients asks for.
  5. Instead of asking “yes, no” question, ask HOW they will know the answer is staring right in the face. For example,

Your client’s question,“Does he love me?”…Your Tarot spread question should be, “How will I know he has true love feelings toward me?”

Always try to provide more information via your Tarot spread than what your clients asks for.

Don’t assume, ask.

Example How to Create Tarot Spread from Real Life

Here is an example of creating effective Tarot spread questions.

My friend Kathie asked me:

Hi Jonika
I was asked a question about a relationship with the son. His mum has him and the father is trying to get custody of him because the son is being mistreated. He is 2yrs old.
I tried the The Truth Spread but I got confused with reading the cards together.
I haven’t answered them I would like to learn how to read simply but effective.
Thank you.


My answer to her:

I would target the issue head on and create a reading around it. You could ask, for example:
1. What is the true relationship between the father and son?
2. Is there abuse from the father’s side? (look for “abusive” and “deceptive” cards like the Devil, 7 of swords, 3 of swords, 9 -10 of swords, 5 of wands, etc.

3. What form does the abuse seem to be?
4. How will the mother know if there is abuse happening? (What are the signs)
5. What is the father’s true motivation to fight to get custody? (Hidden currents at play)

Examples of Tarot Spreads

I am analyzing relationship Tarot spread in my other blog post: RELATIONSHIP TAROT READINGS

Here are some examples of Tarot spreads:

Message from my Spirit Guide Tarot Spread


Going Through a Rough Time Tarot Spread




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