Discover Your ESP Tarot Reading

Cost – 65.00 USD

This option answers ONE question about your extra sensory perception ability or stage of your personal spiritual development. It includes precise messages from the Spirit Guides. The question should be specific.

For example, you may consider one of these areas:

  • Discover your psychic talent.
  • Find out how to strengthen and develop your psychic abilities.
  • Discover why you feel overwhelmed or drained by the others’ energies.
  • Learn how to develop your empathy even more.
  • Can you sense what the others are feeling or are about to do and want to know why?
  • Do you have vivid dreams and you want to know what they mean?
  • Find out what is the best way for you to work on your spiritual talents.
  • Find out who your Spirit Guide is and how to communicate with him or her.

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