Crystals to Use Before & During Tarot Reading

CRYSTALS TO USE BEFORE & DURING A TAROT READINGCrystals and gem stones are a great tool of every Tarot reader or spiritualist because they help us not only get centered, but they also raise our vibration. They are natural conductors of energy. They will hold the intention you have when handling them, so remember to have the best and highest intentions when you use them. Crystals will help you concentrate and communicate with your intuition. You can always keep them on your desk, with your Tarot cards (wherever you store them), in your pocket, your purse, or just about anywhere. Before you start a Tarot reading, make sure you have at least one of your crystals right in front of you so you can see it and touch it. Seeing the stone in front of you will have a reassuring effect; moreover, the crystal is a natural “antenna” that will help you work with your psychic energy. You will know you can always count on its great vibrational properties.

There are certain stones best used before and during a reading, and certain stones best used after the Tarot reading. (I will talk about the crystal best used after the Tarot reading next week, so stay tuned.) I will keep it simple by listing only a few from each category.



CRYSTALS TO USE BEFORE & DURING A TAROT READING (4)I consider clear quartz the most powerful vibration elevator of all crystals. It’s the James Bond of crystals. It has amazing energy, skills, and it never dies. LOL It will help you get open and ready to receive intuitive messages. It opens and cleanses not only your crown chakra which is responsible for your ability to communicate with the spirit world, but also has a power to cleanse your aura of all the energy debris. It helps all your chakras get clean and open. It amplifies the energy level of your natural intuitive abilities as well as the crystals next to it. It is a super conductor and every Tarot reader should own one. The bigger, the better. I have two natural clusters of clear quartz on my Tarot desk. One is big and heavy and I don’t move it a lot and the other one is small. The small one, I hold it during my meditation before each reading or I put it on top of my deck to cleanse it. I can actually feel its energy vibrating in my hand as I hold it. Clear quartz is truly an amazing stone. It looks boring, but the power it holds is undeniable!

Amethyst is another powerful stone that helps open and cleanse your chakras. More specifically, amethystCRYSTALS TO USE BEFORE & DURING A TAROT READING (1) is great for your crown chakra and third eye chakra (clairvoyance). It will help you quiet your mind so you can receive messages from the spirit world. Your clairvoyance will be stronger and clearer. Its color purple represents spiritual growth and that’s exactly what this stone will help you with. It also protects you during the reading. Its energy is very high and you cannot go wrong if you use it.

CRYSTALS TO USE BEFORE & DURING A TAROT READING (2)Citrine works best with the Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Crown Chakras. It enhances spiritual growth and it’s great to boost your creativity, confidence, and strength. It will help you with your clairsentience (clear feeling) or gut-feeling. This stone also protects against any kind of psychic attack. It’s good to have in in your arsenal.

 Blue Kyanite is a beautiful stone of a light blue color. It’s best used for channeling because it directs the psychic energy. As its color suggests, Blue Kyanite is excellent to use for Throat Chakra. If you are learning to communicate with deceased loved ones,CRYSTALS TO USE BEFORE & DURING A TAROT READING (3) for example, it would be extremely beneficial for you to have this stone at your disposal. Also, if your Tarot or psychic readings could use some improvement in expressing the messages from the spirit world, this crystal would help your readings to become more concise and detailed. Blue Kyanite is also a great stone for Third-Eye Chakra because it helps us pull high-vibrational energy from the spirit world to be processed as visions. Blue Kyanite assists us with lucid dreaming and astral traveling (all a part of clairvoyance).

All in all, these four crystals are great to have. Of course, in time, you will probably get more variety of crystals, but these are the ones every beginner Tarot reader or spiritualist should have. They are affordable and very helpful on your path to using your psychic abilities to the fullest. If you are struggling financially and can’t have all four crystals, make sure you have at least a clear quartz. You can also read my article about the crystals best used after the Tarot reading.

Which crystals do you use? Which ones are your favorites? Do you meditate with them? Can you feel their energy vibration? Share your thoughts with me!

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  1. Great post, I will take your advice. Recently I bought selenite. Also I have a stone of heart shape found on a walk. It has a special place for me too.

    1. Hi Mira
      I am so glad you enjoyed the post. Selenite is great, too. It works well if you want to open the Crown Chakra (if the crystal is white). Overall, it helps with your efforts to get your higher Chakras open and aligned to the energy of the Angels and spirit guides. What color is your Selenite? Lovely to hear about the stone you found on a walk. It must have a very good energy if you decided to keep it. Please stay tuned: I’ll be posting crystals that are best used for grounding and cleansing after a Tarot reading this weekend. 🙂

      1. Oh, I spent a few bucks on psychic expo and a white selenite is one of them, others are pink/rose quart crystal (classic) and a chevron amethyst.

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