Career-Business Tarot Reading

Cost – 65.00 USD

This option answers a question about your career, business, or talent. It includes precise messages from the Spirit Guides. The question should be specific.

For example, you may consider one of these areas:

  • Discover how to make your business grow more (what needs to be your main focus at this time, what is not working and why, what other options you should be looking at).
  • Find out how to increase your revenue.
  • Discover whether you are going to get the job or not.
  • Find out how to prepare for an interview process and see what it is going to be like.
  • Learn how to increase the probability that your current position becomes your dream position.
  • Understand your key talent that brought you to your current position.
  • If you are employed, but don’t have a job that satisfies you, find out what talent to emphasize so your current position becomes a training ground for you to land your dream job.
  • If you have a job that satisfies you, learn what your key talent is so you can structure your job to move into your dream position.

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