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Reading Tarot comes naturally to me. I’ve been with the cards for over a decade.

I am excited about the opportunity to give you the best Tarot reading possible.

Tarot cards are reflections of the River of Life.



  • Custom-made card reading specifically for you.
  • Amazingly empowering Tarot readings that provide clairty, accuracy, and honesty.
  • Readings that are to-the-point and written with compassion and positive attitude.


Thanks so much for the reading, I have never had such a précise one in my life. Of course I Will recommend you.Gabrielle, France

When I read cards, I use a combination of tradition and innovation. I take into consideration the traditional meanings of the cards, their symbolism, and numerology. In addition, I use my abilities to communicate with spirit guides through the extrasensory perception (ESP). I have been reading Tarot for over a decade now.

I give my clients as many details as possible. I give them guidance and advice about how to proceed or what is the best approach to take in their situation so it gets resolved in a positive way. I am a big believer in positive thinking. I always write the readings in the most supportive way possible.

Helpful tip: Keep the focus of your question on yourself rather than on someone else (third-party). This approach will ensure you are getting the guidance you need instead of learning, for example, how the other person feels, but not knowing how to focus on your own concerns.

Don’t know how to phrase your question for a Tarot reading? Get inspired HERE.

Thank you so much for your frank and honest reading. What you have said makes perfect sense to me.Bev, UK

A reading is delivered in a PDF document with clear pictures of the Tarot cards drawn for you. The reading is yours to keep and read as many times as you wish. The pictures of the cards are there for your convenience. If you have any questions about the reading, please contact me. It will be my pleasure to clarify any parts of it.

I offer three (3) types of readings:
1. Standard reading for 65.00 USD – this is a standard Tarot reading. It will answer your question in a detailed way. I am as specific in this reading as possible. I focus on answering your question in a helpful and enlightening way. This reading covers the future development of your situation if you want me to look at the future, too. Please, click on one of the cards below to see detailed information about each type of reading.
2. Detailed reading for 105.00 USD – this reading is longer and analyzes the situation in question in a more detailed way than a Standard reading. For example, in the Complex reading, I pull more Tarot cards and analyze outer influences of the situation in question. This reading covers the future development of your situation if you want me to look at the future, too.

3. TAROT HOTLINE for 120.00 USD – for three (3) months (12 weeks in total), you will be able to contact me at any time with any question you want. I will prioritize you before my other clients. Your answers will be delivered to you within the next 18 hours after you send me your question. Tarot Hotline covers the future development of your situation if you want me to look at the future, too.

The areas of life my readings can cover are:

  • DISCOVER YOUR ESP (this option is about your psychic abilities, spiritual practice, or extra sensory perception)

Please read the detailed description of each reading by clicking on the individual cards below.

Note: I accept questions about pets.

Delivery: Normally 1 – 4 days, no longer than 7 days. I will communicate with you via email.

My clients’ satisfaction is my priority. I am always available via email.

I look forward to reading for you!

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