The SUN Tarot Card

This is a blog post about the Tarot card The Sun: key words, interpretation, advice, Tarot card combinations. The goal of this post is for the reader to learn Tarot.

Reaching success, Achieving happiness


  • Wholeness
  • Achievement
  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Joy
  • Synthesis



In health readings, the Sun speaks of fatigue, feelings of being burnt out, run down, or uninspired. Your psychic ability is slowed down or weakened. Beware of getting sunburnt. Overall, you may not feel very good and you may think you don’t look very good either. You may alter your appearance (cut your hair, for example). The Sun promises resolving all the issues with health; however, be careful because that may mean regaining one’s health or physical death.


The Sun reversed doesn’t bring bad news as you would think. The card’s effect is only slowed down. You will have to work harder to achieve happiness or success or it will take longer to achieve your goal. Stay focused on what you are trying to achieve because success is around the corner. The card’s energy is present, only at a lower level.



The Sun is tricky to interpret because it has two different meanings. It depends on the reader’s intuition and surrounding cards to figure out whether the interpretation is more positive or negative. From my personal experience, though, the Sun has come up for situations that are more negative (being burnt out rather than happy). I am not sure why that is…but especially in relationship questions, the Sun tends to point toward the feelings of being burnt-out or issues that stand in the way of happiness. Let’s take a look at what the Sun means exactly.
The focus of the Sun is on people, keeping appearances, society, self-image, or spiritual quests. This card also predicts a union or marriage. It shows success and profit in any endeavor. You have enough strength to achieve your goal. The card shows feelings of joy.
Alternatively, this card warns against your wanting to prove something to yourself and consequently, taking a wrong path. You want to look good in front of others, but deep inside, you don’t feel a sense of well-being because the things you really want, your heart’s desires, are missing. You are trying to put on a façade.
In a dominant position in the reading, the Sun can be interpreted as winning, success, and fame. These can lead to spiritual growth or growth of selfishness—depending on the personality of the querent.

Work and Career

Things will be very slow, but you won’t want to work anyway. You need a new element to boost your inspiration and this element will appear. A new line of work or a tempting business offer may be proposed to you. You’ll be lucky in overcoming financial difficulties or adversities. You may not see the results right away, but remember that the right actions were taken so success and positive results are on the way.

Love and Relationships

You will not be with the one you want and your future will look very uncertain. You will need to clarify and analyze the issues that have been bothering you in your relationship. Otherwise, you will not be able to resolve them and move on. Generally, this card comes up for relationships that are not doing that well. The partners are not on the same page and so the relationship is put on ice. Because the Sun card is a positive card, it gives us a promise that all misunderstandings will be resolved and happiness will be restored. Before that happens; however, the partners will have to come together and talk about their issues. Without this direct approach and proactive attitude, they will not be able to restore their mutual happiness.


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The Sun tends to come up for people who are burnt out in their relationships. They feel like they need to step away for a while and take a break from their partners. These feelings of being burnt out or burnt come from issues and problems that have not been deal with in a long time. The relationship has become too bright, hot, and intense and it’s too much to handle. So the appearance of the Sun doesn’t automatically mean happiness, but it does show the need to clear the issues that are there…and then, the happiness will be restored.

What advice to give

Keep an open mind and you will be able to see the truth. Don’t be selfish. Don’t be greedy (finances). Try not to think of yourself all the time because selfishness will blind you and keep you away from finding happiness. The Sun urges you to think of the others (your coworkers, your partner, your family members, and friends) – try to walk in their shoes, try to be more empathetic.


  • The sun—consciousness, inner strength, everything that shines, growth.
  • Child—innocence, truth, a symbol of the inner child (inner Self).
  • Sunflowers—they express adoration, loyalty, and longevity.
  • Red banner held by the child—the child holds it in his/her left hand symbolizes the power of the subconscious.
  • White horse—power, purity, endurance, and the need to be less arrogant or selfish.
  • Wall—building up confidence, reputation; emotional awakening (overcoming the wall, the querent has built for her/himself) after a period of “dark” times.


• With the Wand cards—this card shows how a person will use her/his success: to help others and society or to selfishly celebrate her/his self.
• With a negative Sword card—problems with officials and bureaucracy
• With the higher cards of Pentacles (except of 10 of Pentacles)—arrogance, stubbornness, overlooking important issues.
• With the card indicating an illness—the Sun card on the right from the cards indicate that health will be achieved.

Opposing cards:

source: LearnTarot

  • Moon – confusion, disorientation, illusion
  • Eight of Cups – weariness
  • Six of Swords – depressed, listless
  • Five of Pentacles – being rundown, tired

Supporting cards:

source: LearnTarot

  • Tower – enlightenment, revelation
  • World – accomplishment, great achievement
  • Two of Wands – personal power, vitality, brilliance
  • Six of Wands – acclaim, prominence


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This is a blog post about the Tarot card Temperance: key words, interpretation, advice, Tarot card combinations. The goal of this post is for the reader to learn Tarot.

Journey inward.

  • Temperance
  • Balance
  • Health

Health: Upsetting conditions or pressures are going to cause previous health problems to resurface. You may need a medical attention. Old injuries may resurface if not careful. Recurrent infections.

Reversed: Being too emotional, not being able to distance yourself from a situation, inability to come up with a solution, excess (in any way possible), instability (mental as well as physical), lack of objectivity.


This card is about situations that you thought you had completed or had under control (old friends, lovers, relationships, health, desires, money), but these situations suddenly resurface and you feel like “this can’t be happening”. You feel like fate is testing you. Temperance is about connecting with your Self. It shows up in a reading when there are seemingly loose parts and these parts need to be put together in a new way in order to create a new situation or state of mind. This new situation or state of mind then makes more sense to you and your Self. It reflects your true Self more than before and this is the influence of Temperance. Temperance brings forth different aspects of some situation you thought was long closed and done with and makes you re-evaluate your attitude.

In a dominant position in the reading, Temperance can be interpreted as a much focused mind work (thinking), thinking about oneself, planning, thinking about something, trying to view things, people, and situations from a general point of view (not subjective but objective point of view). It wants you to gain objectivity about something or someone.

This is a very bad time for risk and reckless behavior. Everything you do, you need to think it through and plan carefully. Don’t act emotionally either. You need to implement planning and rational thinking.

This card calls for the need of objectivity. You need some distance from the situation.

Work and Career

You are looking for a way to put your ideas into reality. The more thought and analysis is put into something, the more success will be achieved. This card doesn’t bring great news to the situation regarding your work or career. Actually, Temperance shows a boring and unfulfilling work environment. There is little gratification or rest. You are going through the motions. Again, it’s all about balance and about regaining it. If you are unhappy and you wish for something better or at least improved conditions, your thinking and wishing for it will make it happen. You have the power to attract better results. You just need to realize them and want them to happen. It’s all about the power of positive thinking.

Love and Relationships

This card is looking for balance in a relationship. You feel hurt because your partner is ignoring you or not including you in his/her plans. You may fear he is being dishonest about something. Your relationship is not living up to promises or commitments, but you are not going to do anything about it at this point. You simply acknowledge it and keep the status-quo.

Another way to interpret this card is when it predicts an old lover or someone you used to be attracted to coming into your life. This person is going to show up in your life again and you will get a chance to have an encounter with him. Through this encounter you will realize you need to close this chapter for good.

What advice to give

You can turn a negative situation into a positive one simply by redirecting your energies. Work on yourself, and don’t be afraid to let your fears surface. Confront them head on. This is not the time for “winging” it. Temperance in the reading says this is not the time for emotions, being judgmental, or relying on luck. You need to really think about everything, about the problem at hand, and before you make a decision, you need to be clear about it. Everything has to be based on your own opinion and evaluation, not on the opinion of others or socially accepted opinion. Concentrate.


The triangle on the angel’s chest—illustrates harmony between mind, body, and spirit. Its position reflects that it’s the “heart” of the issue.

One foot in the water, the other foot on the ground—the perfect balance between one’s emotions (foot in the water) and being grounded and having solid footing (foot on the ground).

The path—leading toward the light. Symbolizes morality and honesty. Steady progress forward.

Goblets—flow of energy in life. There is a right balance of energies for us to lead a balanced life.

Iris flowers—The Greek meaning of the word “iris” is “rainbow.” It is another symbol of balance. The iris stands for hope, purity, and renewal. It is also a symbol of creativity. Iris was also the goddess of the rainbow, suggesting a spectrum of possibilities for the future, and the harmonious blending of all colors.

  • With the Sword cards—it shows a state of mind. If Temperance creates a harmonic combination with a sword card, it reflects harmony of the mind (Ace of swords, Four of swords, Six of swords). If Temperance makes a disharmonic, contradicting pair with the sword card, it points out inability to realize something or non-unity of the mind (Five of swords, Eight of swords, Nine of swords).
  • With the Cup cards—you may be lying to yourself, especially with the Seven of cups.
  • With the Five of Cups—something important didn’t happen or failed. A new solution needs to be invented.
  • With the Three of Cups—happiness in personal relationships and the family are improving after a long time of struggle.






Are you ready for Love or not?

Love moves the world. Period.

We want to be wanted; we want to feel the butterflies in the stomach; we want to feel the limitless passion two people can share. On the other hand, we don’t want to make compromises; we don’t want to work hard and try out best to keep the relationship going; we don’t want to put anything into it. We give up too easy because it’s easier to move on than to try to work through the problems and get on the same page as partners. It’s almost as if feeling is too much work. People try not to feel anything because if they don’t feel anything, they can’t get hurt. We protect ourselves and we rob ourselves of the most beautiful thing at the same time.

We need love whether we like it or not. Even if we feel we are not ready for it. We all need someone who we can talk to in the middle of the night, who understands us even when we don’t understand ourselves. We need someone who will tell us “Everything is going to be okay”, who will provide a place to hide from the world. Love means that we want to run TO him, not away from him.

If someone tells you, he is not ready for love, don’t believe him. That man just hasn’t found the right person yet. It’s not about being ready for it as much as being open to receive it once it comes. Not everything is ruled by the mind—love is wild and unpredictable. Love has a more spiritual than rational connection. That’s why it cannot be managed by the mind. If you think you are not ready for it, it doesn’t really mean anything. It’s just your rational mind trying to protect you from your fear of the future. Love cannot be controlled. It comes and goes as it pleases. It won’t knock on your door; it won’t ask for your permission to enter your life. It simply appears. You realize it’s here when your heart starts beating faster.

Jump right into it. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to find a bunch of joy and laughter or some tears too. Take it all as it comes—because love sometimes means all or nothing. “You either want all of me or you will get nothing.”

All that said the truth is we are afraid. We are afraid we will experience pain. We don’t want to be disappointed and get hurt—or we are afraid we may hurt someone else. So we keep our heart locked up in a cage—or in worse scenarios, we act like we don’t have it. We do all this to ourselves just to protect our heart from a potential pain that may or may not happen. We don’t realize that fear of something bad happening is many times much worse than the reality can ever be. This attitude is a product of negative thinking for fear is a mind-killer and it can only put breaks on our forward momentum. Heart was not given to us to be locked up. We were born on this plane to find happiness in life. That’s it. Happiness. Our purpose in life is not really to have a great career, make a ton of money, or have a prestigious role in society if we feel like we are have to accomplish these things (if we feel somewhat obligated to do it). Happiness is not forceful. It flows. To find that happiness, we have to free our heart so it can dance and guide us. If we live with our heart open, we emanate positive and loving vibrations which attract love and positive energy in return. It’s a simple equation: if we love ourselves and we walk through life with an open heart, we will attract more love and repel the bad, nasty, teary stuff.

We can build a wall around our heart; we can act like we are unapproachable or not ready; we can act like we are not sure…Then, a day will come when we meet someone who will make us ready for love in an instant. Suddenly, we won’t be afraid of a fall or disappointment. We will simply want to open our heart and start flying. The fear disappears.

No one has been nor will ever be 120% ready for love. But that is not a reason to work so hard on blocking it from coming to us. Life is going to bring us several opportunities to find personal happiness. It would be a pity to miss out on all of them just because our fear of failure is so big it completely rules us.

You don’t want to wake up as an eighty year old lady full of regrets, unfulfilled desires, and unrealized potential. That’s why I am trying to tell you: don’t be afraid and don’t worry about it. If you are looking for love, keep looking because he is somewhere out there for sure. If you are afraid of getting hurt, please don’t be. The pain you are imagining is much worse than what you are going to experience. Expect only the best. That way you will give yourself a permission to find the happiness you are secretly looking for.


image of the couple:




As a professional Tarot reader, I read about many different relationships and relationship situations. The most common type of a relationship question is:

“What can you tell me about my relationship with Mr.X?”

“What’s with me and Mr. X?”

A question like this is okay but when it comes down to it, it’s very open and non-specific. Tarot works best if we ask it specific questions because then we receive specific answers.

Many querents are not very chatty and will not be interested in giving you details about what they really want to know about their relationship. In other cases, the querent gives you a very detailed description of what happened between them last week because that incident was her reason to ask you for a Tarot reading. She tells you about her feelings and describes what happened, but doesn’t really tell you what she wants to know about the relationship. She probably doesn’t know what to ask Tarot. She comes to you to figure it out for her.

Neither one of these scenarios gives you a hint about what exactly you need to focus on in your Tarot reading. As I wrote above, there are two prevailing attitudes:

  1. a querent either doesn’t feel the need to elaborate on her question even if you ask her for specifics, or
  2. she isn’t sure what she wants to know about her relationship.

If you read Tarot and you are always left feeling puzzled by the relationship question, “What can you tell me about my relationship with Mr.X?”, you can always do what I do. Let me show you…

If you don’t read Tarot, but you wonder about what you‘d ask a Tarot reader if you went to one, you can read this article and get inspired.

Break down a general question into several questions that will give you specific answers. Remember, Tarot works best if the questions asked are as specific as possible. If you ask a general or vague question, you will receive general or vague answers. If you ask a specific question, you will receive very specific answers.

“What can you tell me about my relationship with Mr.X?”

“What’s with me and Mr. X?”

 Break it down like this:






CARD 1 | CARD 2 | CARD 3


This question will reveal what’s really going on between the partners: if they really like each other, or if one of them is disconnected. How much emotionally involved they are… The mix of their energies will be revealed in the middle.

CARD 1: describes the querent

CARD 2: describes the energy between them. It’s the attitude of the relationship.

CARD 3: describes the partner in question

For example, just the other day, I did a reading for a young married woman. In QUESTION 1: WHAT KIND OF ENERGIES ARE IN THE RELATIONSHIP?, I pulled:

The Tower (SHE)—Knight of Pentacles (the attitude of the relationship)—The Sun (HE)

FOR HER: The Tower speaks of a very disturbing event that happened very recently between her and her husband. It’s something bad, shocking, and very emotionally charged. A big fight. A devastating discovery about her husband, she had had no idea about until that day. She is not feeling good about the marriage and she is so devastated she is considering a break-up.

FOR HIM: The Sun could mean two different things. From a traditional point of view, The Sun is considered a happy card. But in this reading, we see The Tower of the wife and a very cold and unmoving Knight of pentacles between them. Your intuition will lead you in the right direction. The Sun in this case means that the husband feels burnt out. He’s lost his motivation to keep going. Moreover, I see this card as him having a very strong and abrasive personality. He’s too nervous, restless, or he tends to blow up easily (anger issues).

THE ATTITUDE OF THE RELATIONSHIP: The Knight of Pentacles is not a very dynamic and happy card to represent a relationship. This card talks about a lack of passion and too much boring routine. The relationship is not moving ahead. It’s stuck. She, he, or neither one of them is willing to put anything into the relationship anymore. The partners are not working on it.

Bam! There you go. A picture of the relationship’s dynamics at the present time.


CARD/ CARDS: This card or cards show you only him and his mental/emotional state of mind in regard to the querent.

Let’s say you pull the EIGHT OF CUPS in this position. It clearly shows you he is checking out of the marriage. He’s got issues he can’t seem to overcome even if he may not be aware of them yet. Due to his unresolved emotional issues, he is going to move on and away from the relationship. He has feelings for his wife, but he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. It’s too hard to stay in the marriage.

Another example, let’s say you pull THE LOVERS card. The Lovers means that he is deciding what to do: to stay or go? He’s not fully committed; he’s not really thinking of staying either. He’s weighing his options. Not a good sign for the future development of their relationship.

If he is already showing doubt or resentment about the relationship, there is a pretty big chance he will decide to quit. the cards in QUESTION 3 will show you who the relationship is going to evolve.

If the cards in QUESTION 1 show some kind of crisis, negativity, or conflict, the cards in QUESTION 2 will reflect that in one way or the other. Knowing this fact will help you to interpret the deeply personal and individualistic messages of QUESTION 2.


CARD 1 | CARD 2 | CARD 3

CARD 1: describes the querent

CARD 2: describes the energy between them. It’s the attitude of the relationship.

CARD 3: describes the partner in question

OR you read all three cards as a combination, with no particular association to anything specific. All three cards combined describe the future. Let your intuition guide you.

For example, you pull SEVEN OF SWORDS, THE HIGH PRIESTESS, the THREE OF PENTACLES in this question.

You can choose to read these cards as a whole. What you see here is that if the wife decides to stay in this marriage (remember, we got The Tower for her in QUESTION 1 which tells you she is on a brink of collapse and filing for divorce), they will make some kind of a compromise or an arrangement between them (The 3 of pentacles). But the marriage will not be fulfilling for the wife/the querent because she will be lying to herself about how happy she is (the 7 of swords) and the relationship will be functional strictly on the mental level only. The High Priestess says that they won’t really know each other that well and the wife will have a lot of wishful thinking about the relationship, there will be no fulfilling love-making (if any). Basically, she will have to lie to herself about her happiness because in reality, the marriage will not be loving or fulfilling on any level.



Here you can pull one card which will show you what your querent needs to do right now to help herself. It may be an advice to act or make up her mind, to change thinking or her perspective, or to just simply wait and do nothing for now…Let your intuition guide you.


Here is the summary of what this article talks about.


And that’s it! Now you have a very simple but effective guide to relationship Tarot readings. I hope you enjoyed this article. I will be happy to hear about your thoughts and experiences in this area. Leave me a comment!

The HANGED MAN Tarot Card

 Let's Learn Tarot - The HANGED MAN

This is a blog post about the Tarot card The Hanged Man: key words, interpretation, Tarot card combinations. The goal of this post is for a reader to learn Tarot.

Sacrificing the Ego


  • Suspension, letting go
  • Sacrifice
  • Higher wisdom
  • Independence
  • Crossroads
  • Enlightenment

Health: Your body needs more rest. Avoid people who only take from you and give nothing in return (your energy). Ill health and harboring bad feelings. There is a need to change the way you deal with your health or lack of thereof. The need to change perspective and to approach your health from another angle. Your health will improve, but it’s a process. It may improve by trying out a different treatment.

Depression, grief, different kinds of addictions, narcissistic personality.

Reversed: You are preoccupied with yourself and have become selfish and self-centered. You have lost perspective on life. A very narrow view of the world with no room for growth. Negative and self-limiting beliefs. Hanging onto something or someone that no longer works for you or serves you well because there is fear of the unknown, fear of the future or fear of failure.



This card tells us about everything that has to be and cannot be avoided. It represents rather dark/negative/unpleasant life experiences for the Ego such as chores, obligations, sadness, illness. Our Ego is suffering if this card appears in a reading. If a person wants to climb higher on the ladder of life, he or she has to sacrifice something for it—nothing happens “just like that”. The Hanged Man is about everything we have to submit to. Things and situations are forced upon us. This card usually shows up in the beginning of a new life phase when we have to make sacrifices before the changes can manifest. The sacrifice is conscious. We are aware of it fully. We willingly or unwillingly have to give it.

The Hanged Man speaks of a life experience that teaches us not to be selfish. This could be something like an unhappy situation in the family, at work or in personal relationships. We feel paralyzed by the inability to solve the problematic situation. We are stuck; our will to move forward is broken. We are nailed to the cross of our inflexible Ego based opinions and attitudes.

Many times this passive state and inability to move ahead means illness.

To get out of this, we must learn to listen to our intuition and to start thinking outside the box. We need to change perspective, the point of view so we can see new horizons.

Work and Career

You will fear the work you do has little value or that you won’t be able to sustain yourself in the future. You’ll have repeat business, and some increase in finances or profit, but will be waiting for something to happen or turn up. The progress will be slow and you will not be able to finish what you started. Stagnation. A different approach to things and people at work will help you move forward.

Love and Relationships

You will experience suffering in your relationship (marriage) because you are bound by restrictions (mostly financial ones). If you are dating, you will be waiting for what the lover will do. A difficult relationship. You can’t find a way out of it.

What advice to give

The Hanged man makes it very hard to give any kind of advice to a client. Your client must realize that the situation isn’t her or his punishment, but it is a manifestation of the fate’s helping hand. The Hanged Man is supposed to help the client get rid of the oppressive force of her or his Ego. From my professional experience, only spiritually aware clients who are open to the spiritual aspect of the world will be able to understand a deeper meaning of this card. And so, I recommend you keep it simple. Motivate your clients by telling them they can overcome their situation if they keep a positive attitude. It will get better. It is important for them to realize this situation is not their punishment for something; it is merely a logical part of life. In order to grow personally and spiritually, they have to work on overcoming their Ego. Fate does it by throwing us into unfamiliar situations that are difficult and unclear. In situations like this, we have to get outside our comfort zone and re-evaluate our priorities and ways of thinking which brings us closer to our spirituality and our Higher Self.

The Hanged Man


Legs crossed—material world

Hands behind his back / bound hands—pressure, sacrifice

Position of the hanging man—in-between two worlds or two poles, inability to go up or down, forward or backward

Head pointing downward—the man’s strong connection to the material world


  • With the 7 or 8 of Cups – these combinations are the least happy. The client is not willing to sacrifice absolutely anything even though she or he is suffering quite a bit already. She or he feels misunderstood and hurt.
  • With the Swords cards – the client tries to justify what’s happening by using thoughts and intellect. She or he tries to explain the negative conditions instead of trying to admit the fault.
  • With a nice Cups card – a negative situation in a family or relationship
  • With The Moon – false accusations by your partner. You don’t know what to do and how to make things right. You are afraid to make any kind of move.