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Spiritual Cleansing and Grounding With Crystals

Tarot Card Cleansing Crystals



Everyone who reads Tarot cards or does any kind of spiritual/energy work needs to get cleansed and grounded every now and then. We can get spiritually grounded with crystals. The most known grounding stones are Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, and Smoky Quartz.
All three are very efficient in their power to absorb negative energy. They all have the same purpose: to protect against negativity, to absorb negativity, and to repel negativity. Every Tarot reader should have at least one of these crystals. Many Tarot readers say that they can literally feel how the negativity is being sucked out of their auras or their cards by these stones.

What I encourage you to do is after every Tarot reading, hold one of your stones in your hand and imagine it pulling all the psychic debris out of your body and into itself. Like a vacuum. When we read cards, we connect to the energy fields of our clients and people around them (if we are reading about the third parties). Their energy is not a part of our own aura. It is a foreign energy that gets attached to us (I call it psychic debris). It is important to know how to get rid of it. If we carry around too much energy that doesn’t belong to us, it affects us negatively: we feel tired, sad, dizzy, our readings are inaccurate, sluggish; we feel we don’t connect to the cards as well as before; we start doubting our psychic abilities; we start feeling pessimistic about everything, etc.

When you are done with a Tarot reading, place one of your cleansing crystals on your Tarot deck. Just doing this simple thing will cleanse your deck. You can put more than one crystal on top of your deck. The crystals will do their work automatically. Trust me when I tell you that a foreign energy can get stuck to your Tarot deck. It’s good to cleanse it like this every now and then. When you are a beginner Tarot reader, cleanse it after every reading or every day (if you do multiple readings each day).

Another important part of your practice should be cleansing and grounding yourself. If you don’t get cleansed and grounded on a regular basis, you risk getting burnt out and overloaded with negative energy from the readings you have done. By grounding yourself, I mean reconnecting with Earth. Earth or Gaia is our mother and it has a fundamental purpose. Its primary purpose is to protect us and brings us down into her safety where nothing bad, no bad energy, can get to us. To do this, simply hold your grounding crystals in your hands, take a deep breath, and imagine how all the psychic debris is being pulled from your aura into the crystals. It’s simple but effective. You will notice a positive change in the way you feel overall if you do this regularly.

You don’t have to recharge your grounding crystals. They stay charged and ready to go forever.

1. smoky quartzI, personally, like Smoky Quartz the most. I have a small sphere on my desk. I love its color and soothing energy it emanates. Sometimes, I ground myself by just gazing at the crystal and noticing all the details and imperfections of it. That’s enough for me to feel stable and clear of energy leftovers after a tarot reading or a tough day. Smoky Quartz is a Root Chakra (or Base Chakra) stone and can be used not only for grounding, but spiritual healing, too. It removes any and all kinds of negativity from your Chakras and aura and helps you connect to the Mother Earth or Gaia. If you are a healer and work with ill people very often (every day), I recommend you wear a Smoky Quartz as a necklace at all times.

Black Tourmaline is another powerful crystal that grounds you and pulls negative energy out of your Chakras and aura. It has been used 2. black tourmalineby shamans and healers throughout history. Black Tourmaline heals on all levels: psychic, physical, emotional, and mental. You can wear it on your person or keep it in your pocket when you are expecting to do a difficult Tarot reading. You can use it every day – bring it to work and place it next to your computer. It will cleanse the electromagnetic energy and you may experience less computer-use-related headaches. Keep it close to you if you are dealing with difficult, negative, or confrontational people. It will help you keep your energy balanced and positive.

3. black obsidianBlack Obsidian can be chipped into very sharp tools, such as arrows, blades, etc., and used for cutting and slicing. Its sharpness is translated into its spiritual power to cut through lies, confusion, psychic blockages, and illusions. Black Obsidian’s perfect blackness draws negative energy into it – like a black hole for negativity – and therefore, is an extremely powerful cleansing crystal. Use this crystal in order to get rid of the psychic debris and to stay emotionally detached from your clients. Black Obsidian grounds perfectly and it takes no sides (good or bad). Therefore, our emotions will stay neutral and our aura perfectly balanced with the help of this crystal.

Share your cleansing and grounding practice with me! If you like this article, share it! Do you find this post helpful? What is your experience after following my advice? You can also read my article about the crystals best used before and during a Tarot reading.

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  1. Hi Jonika,
    thank you for this article. Possibly this will help me. After a Tarot reading i often struggle will strange feelings of “disconnection” or inner unrest.
    I think i will get a smoke quartz for my deck and an black obsidian for myself.

    thank you and greetings!


    1. Hi Sui
      thank you for your comment. It sounds like you need to ground yourself after a reading — your feelings of “disconnection” are normal. Crystals will help you. I put a smoky quartz on my deck after each reading…Besides using a black obsidian for yourself, you could also ground yourself by eating or taking a short walk outside. 🙂

      1. Dear Jonika,

        thank you for your advice. I’ll try eating something the next time. I only do readings for others, never for myself. Or maybe i could just take the person for a walk :).

        1. I rarely read for my self too. Definitely try these methods, they will help. 🙂 Please drop me a line some time later to let me know how you are doing.

  2. Wow, this article was amazing & very insightful. I love learning new techniques for Reading my Angel Cards & I shared this to Facebook as well. I honestly feel this could be done for anyone who uses any type of divination be it cards, pendulum, & so on.Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge as I can’t wait to try this. I have all three crystals too so I will start right away.. Much love & blessings to you…. ♡♡♡♡♡

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