This article will help you sell and promote your Tarot readings online.

I’ve decided to write another blog post about distance readings because there are many of us, readers, who don’t have an opportunity to gain clients in our home towns. The Internet reaches everywhere, all over the world, so why not take advantage of it? I am referring to my blog post HOW TO DO DISTANCE TAROT READINGS WITH EASE.

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the sites I mention in this article. I am not an employee or affiliate for any of these websites. Job placement is not guaranteed or within my control. Please follow up with the support team for each website regarding the hiring process.


If you want to be present online as a Tarot reader and offer your services on the Internet, you should have a website set up or at least a Facebook business page. Setting up a website can be easy and free. You can try Wix, Weebly, Webnote, and many others. You need to be able to send your clients a link where they can see your profile and find out more about you (your history, practice, prices, etc.). Think of it as your “office” on the Internet. If you don’t have it set up, the public will not take you seriously and be very reluctant to pay you for your services (if you request them to pay).

Be clear about what you are offering. What kind of readings—love/relationship readings, career readings, other types of readings, or any type of readings?

What is your price? Don’t sell yourself too short, but don’t price yourself too high either. You must feel comfortable with your prices. You need to feel like you are worth the price and that you are not selling yourself short.

Clarify what you ARE NOT willing to do. What kind of readings you don’t want to do? Past life readings, readings about legal matters, readings about pregnancies, dark energies and possible demonic possessions? Be as specific as possible.

Write your disclaimer and refund policy. Disclaimer can be a one sentence or a whole paragraph. By writing your disclaimer clearly, concisely, and in a visible place on your site, you are protecting yourself legally against any law suits or any kind of “backlash” from an unhappy client. The fact of the matter is that you can’t make everybody happy. There are going to be clients who will complaint. Your refund policy can save you from having to return your hard-earned money. Be firm but fair in your refund policy. You can check out my disclaimer and refund policy here.


You may encounter clients (very few and far between) who can be considered “trolls”—they will buy a Tarot reading from you to just complaint and ask for a refund even though your reading is accurate. They basically want a free reading (they pay for it but later ask for a refund.) The “Trolls” are known to try to destroy your reputation by giving you negative reviews. They would say they don’t like the reading they received, the reading was copied from the Internet, or that they want a refund because the reading wasn’t up to their standards. Don’t get discouraged. Stay calm. That’s why having a refund policy can be a life-saver for you. If you start encountering trolls quite often, that’s not good. In such a case, try to consider leaving the website where you are promoting yourself.

The simplest disclaimer you can write is: “My readings are for entertainment purposes only.”

The simplest refund policy you can write is: “All sales are final. I don’t offer a refund once the reading has been done.”


Where to sell your Tarot readings


There are many online places where you can practice. The most common one I can think of is Facebook. There are literally hundreds of Tarot groups. You will have to ask to join Facebook groups because they are not usually public, but I don’t believe you’ll get rejected by the moderators. I have never been rejected to join a group. These groups have many members and you will be able to practice as much as you want as long as you follow the group’s rules.

The only problem with Facebook Tarot groups is that you are not allowed to advertise yourself as a business in the most of them and you can’t do paid readings. You can do only free readings.

I am active in the group called Tarot Tarot Tarot where people can post their own readings and the members can provide their takes on the interpretation. It’s a great place to see how others interpret Tarot cards. You can gain a lot of valuable information and learn a lot about Tarot there.

The only group I know of and where you can advertise is Divine Psychic Readings. You will have to become an approved reader first. I am a member there. People can send you a private message if they are interested in a reading from you and that’s when you can charge them.


Another website where you can earn money by selling Tarot readings is You can open an Etsy “shop”. You create your profile, terms and conditions, and submit your prices. I used to have a shop on Etsy for about a year, but I closed it. It just wasn’t producing enough income. Etsy charges for every listing you have and they have many rules sellers have to follow. Try it out to see if you like selling your services on Etsy. Many readers have very successful shops there.


If you want to get paid for your services, I would recommend Fiverr. It’s a website where you can create a “gig” and offer your services for money. Start charging low, like $5.00 per reading. You will get clients, practice, and reviews. The more sales you get, the more visible you will be on Fiverr. This is a great place to do paid readings because you don’t have to do long, elaborate readings. If you charge $5-10 per reading, limit the amount of questions a client can give you to just one. Do a reading that’s about one page or less long.  Your goal as a reader should be accuracy and non-vagueness. Doing quick one-page readings is a great way to achieve that. If you get paid $5.00, Fiverr takes away 20% which is $1.00 and your net earning is only $4.00. If you earn $30 for one reading, Fiverr keeps $6 and you will get only $24.


We can’t forget about Ebay is a huge place where people can sell just about anything, Tarot readings included. There is a lot of competition there and eBay also charges for your listings.

Phone Readings via Hotlines

These are basically websites where you get registered and clients call your phone and you can charge by the minute or you can offer text-based readings. It is also possible to do email readings on some of these websites. You can get a lot of practice here. If you are consistent and become available on a regular basis, you can earn anywhere around $10 or $100.

·       Keen Psychics

·       Psychic Source

·       Kasamba

·       California Psychics

·       Hollywood Psychics

·       PsychicCenter

·       Oranum

·       AskNow

BiddyTarot is a website dedicated to all things Tarot. You can become a member of the community there and offer your readings for free for practice. You do have to pay a monthly fee to if you want to offer your services there. You can also become a certified Tarot reader and be published on the website as a BiddyTarot Certified Reader; moreover, you can promote yourself as a professional Tarot reader on the website for a monthly fee. (Update: I recently contacted BiddyTarot team and found out, they were not accepting new Tarot readers at that time. Check with them to find out whether the situation has changed.)


My advice

If you do free readings or paid readings, always ask for feedback, testimonial, and email address. Getting feedback from people is going to help you tremendously with your self-confidence as a reader. Some people will give you detailed feedback, others not, but that’s okay. Each feedback will give you a boost of self-confidence. You will also be able to find out what details were accurate and what weren’t in your readings. You will be able to sharpen your Tarot reading abilities.

For example, you may read the 6 of cups for someone this way, “I am getting the 6 of cups for you and this card suggests that there is going to be someone from you past coming back into your life. Someone connected to your past relationship.” – this is a legitimate interpretation.

But you get this kind of feedback from your querent, “Oh, I don’t know about that. That doesn’t sound right. What I can tell you, though, is that I wish my current relationship would go back to how it was between us in the past. I feel like we’ve lost that spark between us.”

So, now you see what the 6 of cups was trying to tell you from the beginning. You can remember which position this card was in, what your feelings were when you saw it, and what kind of cards were surrounding it.

People will start asking you for many free readings. You do not have to do readings for every person who asks for it. This is your time to use your best judgment and your inner feeling to determine who feels “right” to you and who feels “not so good” to you. I do not recommend you do a readings for someone who feels “off” or in any way “negative”. You will encounter many clients who are desperate for answers. Don’t let them push you in to reading for them if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.

If you ask your clients for their email address, you will be able to create a decent database of email addresses and that’s how you can start promoting yourself via methods of direct marketing. I like MailChimp for direct marketing. MailChimp will allow you to send emails directly to your clients’ emails. You will be able to insert images or links of any kind to your emails.


So there you go! You’ve got some very useful information to start your online Tarot reading journey. The only thing you must do now is to utilize it. Let me know in the comments how you like this article, if you find it useful, or if you have other tips to read Tarot online that are not mentioned in this article.