This is a blog post about the Tarot card Temperance: key words, interpretation, advice, Tarot card combinations. The goal of this post is for the reader to learn Tarot.

Journey inward.

  • Temperance
  • Balance
  • Health

Health: Upsetting conditions or pressures are going to cause previous health problems to resurface. You may need a medical attention. Old injuries may resurface if not careful. Recurrent infections.

Reversed: Being too emotional, not being able to distance yourself from a situation, inability to come up with a solution, excess (in any way possible), instability (mental as well as physical), lack of objectivity.


This card is about situations that you thought you had completed or had under control (old friends, lovers, relationships, health, desires, money), but these situations suddenly resurface and you feel like “this can’t be happening”. You feel like fate is testing you. Temperance is about connecting with your Self. It shows up in a reading when there are seemingly loose parts and these parts need to be put together in a new way in order to create a new situation or state of mind. This new situation or state of mind then makes more sense to you and your Self. It reflects your true Self more than before and this is the influence of Temperance. Temperance brings forth different aspects of some situation you thought was long closed and done with and makes you re-evaluate your attitude.

In a dominant position in the reading, Temperance can be interpreted as a much focused mind work (thinking), thinking about oneself, planning, thinking about something, trying to view things, people, and situations from a general point of view (not subjective but objective point of view). It wants you to gain objectivity about something or someone.

This is a very bad time for risk and reckless behavior. Everything you do, you need to think it through and plan carefully. Don’t act emotionally either. You need to implement planning and rational thinking.

This card calls for the need of objectivity. You need some distance from the situation.

Work and Career

You are looking for a way to put your ideas into reality. The more thought and analysis is put into something, the more success will be achieved. This card doesn’t bring great news to the situation regarding your work or career. Actually, Temperance shows a boring and unfulfilling work environment. There is little gratification or rest. You are going through the motions. Again, it’s all about balance and about regaining it. If you are unhappy and you wish for something better or at least improved conditions, your thinking and wishing for it will make it happen. You have the power to attract better results. You just need to realize them and want them to happen. It’s all about the power of positive thinking.

Love and Relationships

This card is looking for balance in a relationship. You feel hurt because your partner is ignoring you or not including you in his/her plans. You may fear he is being dishonest about something. Your relationship is not living up to promises or commitments, but you are not going to do anything about it at this point. You simply acknowledge it and keep the status-quo.

Another way to interpret this card is when it predicts an old lover or someone you used to be attracted to coming into your life. This person is going to show up in your life again and you will get a chance to have an encounter with him. Through this encounter you will realize you need to close this chapter for good.

What advice to give

You can turn a negative situation into a positive one simply by redirecting your energies. Work on yourself, and don’t be afraid to let your fears surface. Confront them head on. This is not the time for “winging” it. Temperance in the reading says this is not the time for emotions, being judgmental, or relying on luck. You need to really think about everything, about the problem at hand, and before you make a decision, you need to be clear about it. Everything has to be based on your own opinion and evaluation, not on the opinion of others or socially accepted opinion. Concentrate.


The triangle on the angel’s chest—illustrates harmony between mind, body, and spirit. Its position reflects that it’s the “heart” of the issue.

One foot in the water, the other foot on the ground—the perfect balance between one’s emotions (foot in the water) and being grounded and having solid footing (foot on the ground).

The path—leading toward the light. Symbolizes morality and honesty. Steady progress forward.

Goblets—flow of energy in life. There is a right balance of energies for us to lead a balanced life.

Iris flowers—The Greek meaning of the word “iris” is “rainbow.” It is another symbol of balance. The iris stands for hope, purity, and renewal. It is also a symbol of creativity. Iris was also the goddess of the rainbow, suggesting a spectrum of possibilities for the future, and the harmonious blending of all colors.

  • With the Sword cards—it shows a state of mind. If Temperance creates a harmonic combination with a sword card, it reflects harmony of the mind (Ace of swords, Four of swords, Six of swords). If Temperance makes a disharmonic, contradicting pair with the sword card, it points out inability to realize something or non-unity of the mind (Five of swords, Eight of swords, Nine of swords).
  • With the Cup cards—you may be lying to yourself, especially with the Seven of cups.
  • With the Five of Cups—something important didn’t happen or failed. A new solution needs to be invented.
  • With the Three of Cups—happiness in personal relationships and the family are improving after a long time of struggle.