The HANGED MAN Tarot Card

 Let's Learn Tarot - The HANGED MAN

This is a blog post about the Tarot card The Hanged Man: key words, interpretation, Tarot card combinations. The goal of this post is for a reader to learn Tarot.

Sacrificing the Ego


  • Suspension, letting go
  • Sacrifice
  • Higher wisdom
  • Independence
  • Crossroads
  • Enlightenment

Health: Your body needs more rest. Avoid people who only take from you and give nothing in return (your energy). Ill health and harboring bad feelings. There is a need to change the way you deal with your health or lack of thereof. The need to change perspective and to approach your health from another angle. Your health will improve, but it’s a process. It may improve by trying out a different treatment.

Depression, grief, different kinds of addictions, narcissistic personality.

Reversed: You are preoccupied with yourself and have become selfish and self-centered. You have lost perspective on life. A very narrow view of the world with no room for growth. Negative and self-limiting beliefs. Hanging onto something or someone that no longer works for you or serves you well because there is fear of the unknown, fear of the future or fear of failure.



This card tells us about everything that has to be and cannot be avoided. It represents rather dark/negative/unpleasant life experiences for the Ego such as chores, obligations, sadness, illness. Our Ego is suffering if this card appears in a reading. If a person wants to climb higher on the ladder of life, he or she has to sacrifice something for it—nothing happens “just like that”. The Hanged Man is about everything we have to submit to. Things and situations are forced upon us. This card usually shows up in the beginning of a new life phase when we have to make sacrifices before the changes can manifest. The sacrifice is conscious. We are aware of it fully. We willingly or unwillingly have to give it.

The Hanged Man speaks of a life experience that teaches us not to be selfish. This could be something like an unhappy situation in the family, at work or in personal relationships. We feel paralyzed by the inability to solve the problematic situation. We are stuck; our will to move forward is broken. We are nailed to the cross of our inflexible Ego based opinions and attitudes.

Many times this passive state and inability to move ahead means illness.

To get out of this, we must learn to listen to our intuition and to start thinking outside the box. We need to change perspective, the point of view so we can see new horizons.

Work and Career

You will fear the work you do has little value or that you won’t be able to sustain yourself in the future. You’ll have repeat business, and some increase in finances or profit, but will be waiting for something to happen or turn up. The progress will be slow and you will not be able to finish what you started. Stagnation. A different approach to things and people at work will help you move forward.

Love and Relationships

You will experience suffering in your relationship (marriage) because you are bound by restrictions (mostly financial ones). If you are dating, you will be waiting for what the lover will do. A difficult relationship. You can’t find a way out of it.

What advice to give

The Hanged man makes it very hard to give any kind of advice to a client. Your client must realize that the situation isn’t her or his punishment, but it is a manifestation of the fate’s helping hand. The Hanged Man is supposed to help the client get rid of the oppressive force of her or his Ego. From my professional experience, only spiritually aware clients who are open to the spiritual aspect of the world will be able to understand a deeper meaning of this card. And so, I recommend you keep it simple. Motivate your clients by telling them they can overcome their situation if they keep a positive attitude. It will get better. It is important for them to realize this situation is not their punishment for something; it is merely a logical part of life. In order to grow personally and spiritually, they have to work on overcoming their Ego. Fate does it by throwing us into unfamiliar situations that are difficult and unclear. In situations like this, we have to get outside our comfort zone and re-evaluate our priorities and ways of thinking which brings us closer to our spirituality and our Higher Self.

The Hanged Man


Legs crossed—material world

Hands behind his back / bound hands—pressure, sacrifice

Position of the hanging man—in-between two worlds or two poles, inability to go up or down, forward or backward

Head pointing downward—the man’s strong connection to the material world


  • With the 7 or 8 of Cups – these combinations are the least happy. The client is not willing to sacrifice absolutely anything even though she or he is suffering quite a bit already. She or he feels misunderstood and hurt.
  • With the Swords cards – the client tries to justify what’s happening by using thoughts and intellect. She or he tries to explain the negative conditions instead of trying to admit the fault.
  • With a nice Cups card – a negative situation in a family or relationship
  • With The Moon – false accusations by your partner. You don’t know what to do and how to make things right. You are afraid to make any kind of move.