Let’s communicate with our cells in a positive manner. Food for thought: If you try to stay with your consciousness in the present moment, you will notice that the time doesn’t move. You don’t lose any of it. It stays constant.

You live in the “here and now” and the events which are behind you could be perceived as events that are merely leaving your “here and now”. They free your space for the new—incoming—events you attract to yourself. It’s a never-ending cycle of energies—the old ones leave so the new ones can come in. So, what we create in the present time will eventually come to us.

If we claim that time takes away our youth or we grow old because of time, we attract energies that cause our bodies to grow old. I know there are physiological processes that cannot be prevented and death from old age is inevitable on this planet, but let’s think outside the box for a minute. Let’s engage philosophy and consider the power of our etheric body (our energy). Our body may grow older faster because we allow it. Our mind is a powerful tool that can cause either growth or demise. If we subconsciously send the “I am getting older with time” energy information to our cells, our body reacts. The cells transmit this information among themselves and as a result, we grow older faster or we feel so much older than we actually are.

We can prolong our life if we use the appropriate inner tools. When we are sick and we think we won’t get better any time soon, we send this negative energy to our cells. They, in return, spread it among themselves. We support the illness like this not the healing process. The low energy is prevalent and our cells copy this information throughout our body. They will only support that which is delivered to them.

Everything is interconnected with everything else inside us as well as all around us. We need to get more control over our mind. What helps is not ingesting too many unnecessary chemicals via food because they can block some of the positive energy we are trying to send to our cells. All in all, when we work with our energy, when we direct our mind in the right direction (something positive, something to look forward to), we won’t have to worry that life’s goals are impossible to achieve.