How to Find a Great Tarot Reader

How to Find a Great Tarot Reader

Insight Into How Tarot Readers Work

You can definitely find a great Tarot reader if you know what to look for. Every Tarot reader’s strength lays in his or her ability to use the conscious mind-power and one’s life experience. When I apply this statement to me, I can honestly say that the older and more experienced I get, the deeper and better my readings are. My life experience is “cataloged” in my subconscious in the form of different symbols. To give you an example of a symbol: I associate a village or small town with a community or place where people know each other and gather in a small geographical area. If I see a village in my mind during a Tarot reading, I know that it means my client is a part of a small community such as University or social group dedicated to some cause. Everything I go through in life will ultimately help me in my Tarot readings:

For example—

  • when my experience with different types of people has inspired me to choose different goals;
  • how my reactions to other people’s behavior has taught me valuable lessons;
  • when their reactions to different situations have shown me how other people think; and
  • how my handling problems in different ways have influenced my life overall.

I confidently say the more experienced we are as people, the better we can express what we see in the Tarot cards.

Thanks to all this accumulated information, along with the information stored in “the collective unconscious” (of Carl Jung’s teaching), I have an unlimited source of data to work with and I am able to utilize it correctly and accurately in my Tarot readings. I confidently say the more experienced we are as people, the better we can express what we see in the Tarot cards.

The More Experienced the Tarot Reader, the Better the Tarot Readings.

I’ve experienced many instances when I saw the story of my client unveil itself in my mind during a Tarot reading and it literally mirrored a certain experience from my own life, or it mirrored the way I used to feel in that kind of situation. My client’s predicament and my past experience “clicked”, “matched” and I was able to accurately describe the situation and its causes. Other times, my past life experiences worked as a “template” to which I could apply my client’s situation and find out what’s best for her or him. It is amazing how our psychic abilities work. Therefore, I encourage all Tarot readers to keep living their lives to the fullest. Don’t hide away thinking that you can become a good Tarot reader only by reading books and by becoming a hermit. No. Go live your life!

How to Find a Great Tarot Reader


I encourage all people who are contemplating to get a Tarot reading to go for it. When you are searching for the Tarot reader, look for this information:

    • Testimonials—you can read what other people/clients have to say about your Tarot reader’s skills. My potential clients can read my testimonials on my website and see how my customers like my Tarot readings.
    • Sample readings—you are able to read an actual reading from your reader. Notice how many details are mentioned, the writing style, how to topic is covered, how well the question is answered. I have the Sample Readings section on my website where you can find three (3) different types of readings and my clients’ reactions. I want my clients to see what they can expect! Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for me. If your Tarot reader doesn’t offer sample readings on his or her website, ask for them. Every professional should be able to provide them to you.
    • Price range—you can see if the reader offers readings for an affordable price. I offer readings for 39.00 or 65.00 USD which is a healthy average on today’s market.
    • Terms, Ethics, and Privacy Policy—every professional Tarot reader website should have its terms, ethics, and privacy policy stated. Read carefully about the refund policy as well. You can usually find these policies on the footer on a website. I have my terms, ethics, and privacy policy on the footer of my website.
    • Style of the website—do you like the colors, font, overall design, and the execution of the design?
    • Reader’s picture—a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at the reader’s picture and see how you feel about it. Do you like it? Do you feel like the reader is empathic, sympathetic, and genuine? Allow your intuition to guide you.
    • Professionalism—take a look at your Tarot reader’s way of speech. Does he or she write with compassion, kindness, and non-judgmental attitude? Is the speech professional, without too many grammar mistakes, and stylistically correct? Is the writing style easy to understand?


Now you know how to find a great Tarot reader. You get an insight into what helps Tarot readers become great Tarot readers. If you are interested in getting a Tarot reading, check out my website. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or post your comment below!

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Crystals to Use After a Tarot Reading

Spiritual Cleansing and Grounding With Crystals

Tarot Card Cleansing Crystals



Everyone who reads Tarot cards or does any kind of spiritual/energy work needs to get cleansed and grounded every now and then. We can get spiritually grounded with crystals. The most known grounding stones are Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, and Smoky Quartz.
All three are very efficient in their power to absorb negative energy. They all have the same purpose: to protect against negativity, to absorb negativity, and to repel negativity. Every Tarot reader should have at least one of these crystals. Many Tarot readers say that they can literally feel how the negativity is being sucked out of their auras or their cards by these stones.

What I encourage you to do is after every Tarot reading, hold one of your stones in your hand and imagine it pulling all the psychic debris out of your body and into itself. Like a vacuum. When we read cards, we connect to the energy fields of our clients and people around them (if we are reading about the third parties). Their energy is not a part of our own aura. It is a foreign energy that gets attached to us (I call it psychic debris). It is important to know how to get rid of it. If we carry around too much energy that doesn’t belong to us, it affects us negatively: we feel tired, sad, dizzy, our readings are inaccurate, sluggish; we feel we don’t connect to the cards as well as before; we start doubting our psychic abilities; we start feeling pessimistic about everything, etc.

When you are done with a Tarot reading, place one of your cleansing crystals on your Tarot deck. Just doing this simple thing will cleanse your deck. You can put more than one crystal on top of your deck. The crystals will do their work automatically. Trust me when I tell you that a foreign energy can get stuck to your Tarot deck. It’s good to cleanse it like this every now and then. When you are a beginner Tarot reader, cleanse it after every reading or every day (if you do multiple readings each day).

Another important part of your practice should be cleansing and grounding yourself. If you don’t get cleansed and grounded on a regular basis, you risk getting burnt out and overloaded with negative energy from the readings you have done. By grounding yourself, I mean reconnecting with Earth. Earth or Gaia is our mother and it has a fundamental purpose. Its primary purpose is to protect us and brings us down into her safety where nothing bad, no bad energy, can get to us. To do this, simply hold your grounding crystals in your hands, take a deep breath, and imagine how all the psychic debris is being pulled from your aura into the crystals. It’s simple but effective. You will notice a positive change in the way you feel overall if you do this regularly.

You don’t have to recharge your grounding crystals. They stay charged and ready to go forever.

1. smoky quartzI, personally, like Smoky Quartz the most. I have a small sphere on my desk. I love its color and soothing energy it emanates. Sometimes, I ground myself by just gazing at the crystal and noticing all the details and imperfections of it. That’s enough for me to feel stable and clear of energy leftovers after a tarot reading or a tough day. Smoky Quartz is a Root Chakra (or Base Chakra) stone and can be used not only for grounding, but spiritual healing, too. It removes any and all kinds of negativity from your Chakras and aura and helps you connect to the Mother Earth or Gaia. If you are a healer and work with ill people very often (every day), I recommend you wear a Smoky Quartz as a necklace at all times.

Black Tourmaline is another powerful crystal that grounds you and pulls negative energy out of your Chakras and aura. It has been used 2. black tourmalineby shamans and healers throughout history. Black Tourmaline heals on all levels: psychic, physical, emotional, and mental. You can wear it on your person or keep it in your pocket when you are expecting to do a difficult Tarot reading. You can use it every day – bring it to work and place it next to your computer. It will cleanse the electromagnetic energy and you may experience less computer-use-related headaches. Keep it close to you if you are dealing with difficult, negative, or confrontational people. It will help you keep your energy balanced and positive.

3. black obsidianBlack Obsidian can be chipped into very sharp tools, such as arrows, blades, etc., and used for cutting and slicing. Its sharpness is translated into its spiritual power to cut through lies, confusion, psychic blockages, and illusions. Black Obsidian’s perfect blackness draws negative energy into it – like a black hole for negativity – and therefore, is an extremely powerful cleansing crystal. Use this crystal in order to get rid of the psychic debris and to stay emotionally detached from your clients. Black Obsidian grounds perfectly and it takes no sides (good or bad). Therefore, our emotions will stay neutral and our aura perfectly balanced with the help of this crystal.

Share your cleansing and grounding practice with me! If you like this article, share it! Do you find this post helpful? What is your experience after following my advice? You can also read my article about the crystals best used before and during a Tarot reading.

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Crystals to Use Before & During Tarot Reading

CRYSTALS TO USE BEFORE & DURING A TAROT READINGCrystals and gem stones are a great tool of every Tarot reader or spiritualist because they help us not only get centered, but they also raise our vibration. They are natural conductors of energy. They will hold the intention you have when handling them, so remember to have the best and highest intentions when you use them. Crystals will help you concentrate and communicate with your intuition. You can always keep them on your desk, with your Tarot cards (wherever you store them), in your pocket, your purse, or just about anywhere. Before you start a Tarot reading, make sure you have at least one of your crystals right in front of you so you can see it and touch it. Seeing the stone in front of you will have a reassuring effect; moreover, the crystal is a natural “antenna” that will help you work with your psychic energy. You will know you can always count on its great vibrational properties.

There are certain stones best used before and during a reading, and certain stones best used after the Tarot reading. (I will talk about the crystal best used after the Tarot reading next week, so stay tuned.) I will keep it simple by listing only a few from each category.



CRYSTALS TO USE BEFORE & DURING A TAROT READING (4)I consider clear quartz the most powerful vibration elevator of all crystals. It’s the James Bond of crystals. It has amazing energy, skills, and it never dies. LOL It will help you get open and ready to receive intuitive messages. It opens and cleanses not only your crown chakra which is responsible for your ability to communicate with the spirit world, but also has a power to cleanse your aura of all the energy debris. It helps all your chakras get clean and open. It amplifies the energy level of your natural intuitive abilities as well as the crystals next to it. It is a super conductor and every Tarot reader should own one. The bigger, the better. I have two natural clusters of clear quartz on my Tarot desk. One is big and heavy and I don’t move it a lot and the other one is small. The small one, I hold it during my meditation before each reading or I put it on top of my deck to cleanse it. I can actually feel its energy vibrating in my hand as I hold it. Clear quartz is truly an amazing stone. It looks boring, but the power it holds is undeniable!

Amethyst is another powerful stone that helps open and cleanse your chakras. More specifically, amethystCRYSTALS TO USE BEFORE & DURING A TAROT READING (1) is great for your crown chakra and third eye chakra (clairvoyance). It will help you quiet your mind so you can receive messages from the spirit world. Your clairvoyance will be stronger and clearer. Its color purple represents spiritual growth and that’s exactly what this stone will help you with. It also protects you during the reading. Its energy is very high and you cannot go wrong if you use it.

CRYSTALS TO USE BEFORE & DURING A TAROT READING (2)Citrine works best with the Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Crown Chakras. It enhances spiritual growth and it’s great to boost your creativity, confidence, and strength. It will help you with your clairsentience (clear feeling) or gut-feeling. This stone also protects against any kind of psychic attack. It’s good to have in in your arsenal.

 Blue Kyanite is a beautiful stone of a light blue color. It’s best used for channeling because it directs the psychic energy. As its color suggests, Blue Kyanite is excellent to use for Throat Chakra. If you are learning to communicate with deceased loved ones,CRYSTALS TO USE BEFORE & DURING A TAROT READING (3) for example, it would be extremely beneficial for you to have this stone at your disposal. Also, if your Tarot or psychic readings could use some improvement in expressing the messages from the spirit world, this crystal would help your readings to become more concise and detailed. Blue Kyanite is also a great stone for Third-Eye Chakra because it helps us pull high-vibrational energy from the spirit world to be processed as visions. Blue Kyanite assists us with lucid dreaming and astral traveling (all a part of clairvoyance).

All in all, these four crystals are great to have. Of course, in time, you will probably get more variety of crystals, but these are the ones every beginner Tarot reader or spiritualist should have. They are affordable and very helpful on your path to using your psychic abilities to the fullest. If you are struggling financially and can’t have all four crystals, make sure you have at least a clear quartz. You can also read my article about the crystals best used after the Tarot reading.

Which crystals do you use? Which ones are your favorites? Do you meditate with them? Can you feel their energy vibration? Share your thoughts with me!

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RELATIONSHIP TAROT READING As a professional Tarot reader, good 80 percent of my readings are about relationships. It is understandable since love is what we want the most in life. No one is an island. We long for companionship, someone to share our life with. Love is the moving force in the Universe. Everyone wants to be loved and Tarot is an excellent tool to provide clarity and guidance during relationship problems or dilemmas.  My clients want me to do Tarot readings about these three most common relationship problems:

I am Stuck Between Two Lovers

Will We Ever Get Back Together

I Want to Break Up

Based on my clients’ needs, I have created three (3) relationship Tarot spreads that fit these type of questions perfectly.

  • Between Two Lovers Tarot Spread
  • Will We Ever Get Back Together Tarot Spread
  • I Want to Break Up Tarot Spread

Between Two Lovers Tarot Spread

Sometimes, we are caught between two different partners. One is our current boyfriend/girlfriend and the other is someone new who we are attracted to or someone from our past making his or her way back into our life again. Understandably, we feel confused about the whole situation and we need to know what is going on and what kind of action (if any) we should take.


This spread has five Tarot questions:

  1. How does Partner A feel about me (What are his or her true intentions)?
  2. How does Partner B feel about me (What are his or her true intentions)?
  3. The future of my relationship if I choose Partner A.
  4. The future of my relationship if I choose Partner B.
  5. Advice (Optional)

The fifth card is optional. We can pull one or more cards for each question depending on our needs. I use this spread all the time and it works great. I am able to deliver the much needed answers to my clients every time.

Will We Ever Get Back Together Tarot Spread

We regret splitting up with our ex-partner. Either we broke-up with our partner or our ex-partner broke-up with us. We need to know if rekindling the relationship is possible (for we still have feelings for him and her, and we are not ready to move on yet). In this type of relationship Tarot reading, the focus is on what the future might hold. Is it going to be a friendship, reconciliation, or a total parting of ways? Some of the focus is to be on the ex-partner because our client needs to clear her or head and know where he or she stands.

Will We Ever Get Back Together

This relationship Tarot spread has only four cards and they cover pretty much the whole spectrum of energies that are at play. It covers the future development of this relationship as well. We can always pull more cards for each position to give us a more detailed view of the energies.

  1. What was/were the real reason/s for this break-up (What should have been done or said, but wasn’t which lead to the break-up)?
  2. How does your ex-partner really feel about you and this situation?
  3. What are the chances of you getting back together or staying friend?
  4. What is the best course of action for you at this time?

I Want to Break Up Tarot Spread

Many times, it takes us a few tries before we find the one. In such cases, a few break-ups are inevitable, even vital for our emotional health. We are torn between mustering the courage to have the dreaded talk (when we tell her or him, it’s not working out anymore) or sticking it out for a little bit longer and doing nothing. Some of us may be hoping our partner will start cheating on us which would give us an excuse to part ways. It can be extremely stressful to go through a break-up process. I have created this relationship Tarot spread to address all the concerns and to provide guidance on how to proceed.

This relationship Tarot spread has seven (7) cards, but trust me, we will need all of them in this type of relationship Tarot reading. Of course, we can always customize this spread and skip a few questions, but I highly recommend using all seven cards. They give us a complete picture of the situation and its future development. It considers both options: non-action and action.


The questions of this relationship Tarot spread are:

  1. What are the energies like in this relationship at this time? (Remember, Tarot gives us the true status of the energies at play. Tarot is non-biased, non-judgmental, and doesn’t take sides)
  2. Where are things headed if you do nothing?
  3. Is telling your partner you want to break-up the right choice or should you wait?
  4. What attitude/approach to take to prepare yourself for the break-up so you will minimize the emotional reaction from your partner?
  5. Will your partner appreciate your honesty? (This card will tell us what the immediate reaction of your partner will be)
  6. What reaction will you get from him or her after the break-up (will he or she be okay, can we expect any revenge actions from your ex-partner)?
  7. How will your life continue after the break-up?

These are the three Tarot spreads that cover the most common relationship Tarot questions. I hope you will have fun with them. Let me know how you like them! Do you have your own favorite relationship Tarot spread? If so, share it with me here! 🙂

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