TRANSITIONING FROM FACE-TO-FACE TAROT READING TO DISTANCE TAROT READINGLoller asks, I would love to learn about giving tarot readings for people we don’t know but are at a distance and so cannot handle the cards. I have trouble tapping into these sorts of readings…”

We are creatures of habit. Once we start doing thing one way, we don’t really want to do it another way. Tarot readers are no different. They are people too, after all. Every one of us tends to read Tarot cards a certain way and we become very good at it. Our reading system becomes bulletproof. But, what do we do if we have to change our style and our way of doing readings?

Transitioning From Face-to-Face Reading to Distance Reading

Let’s say you have been reading Tarot for people you either know or you have been doing readings face-to-face. We can safely say that these are the main characteristics and main advantages of doing reading face-to-face:

  • Your clients shuffle the cards right in front of you;
  • You are able to tap into their energy with ease because they are right there;
  • Their spirit guides can put the Tarot deck in the right order as they are shuffling it;
  • You can see every expression of their face and body language to give you extra guidance during a reading.

All these things are going for you and you have been reading like this for some time. You are completely comfortable in your skin. You are confident even in front of the toughest clients who don’t move a muscle (the tough skeptics with poker faces). Life is good!

And then, BAM! You are facing a brand new door and you don’t know how to open it and what’s waiting for you behind it. You are facing a challenge of doing readings online for complete strangers, probably over email or Skype. There is no prior contact, no emphatic energy tapping, no facial expressions, and body language. You don’t even see their face! Is it even possible to do accurate readings like this?! Let’s be honest, you are being challenged to get out of your comfort zone. You must believe me when I tell you that anything is possible when working with the spirit world. There are no limits or boundaries, so Yes! Reading online is just as effective and accurate as reading face-to-face.

So, how do you do Tarot readings for complete strangers who live anywhere in the world? First of all, take a deep breath. It’s not that much different than reading for someone face-to-face. You just have to change your attitude and realize it’s a matter of perspective. I will guide you through this change and show you what to focus on so this transition becomes easy for you. Please, read on:

We, Tarot readers, work with the energies of the spirit world. We have to realize that in those realms, there are no borders or limits. There is no time. Time literally does not exist in the spirit world. Everything happens instantaneously. Also, distance does not exist. Energies are not separated by distance. All the entities and energies of the spirit world exist in all places and at the same time, all the time.

They are energy beings who “live” in “higher realms”,or the spirit world, which means that they vibrate on a higher energy level in dimensions we cannot exist in because we have physical bodies. Our bodies were made to live on this plane, but we have brains which can be trained to connect with these higher vibration beings. So, basically, we are capable to “live” in two different places: here on Earth as well as in the spirit world. We have that capability. The book Opening to Channel talks about this: “…all time is simultaneous. We (spirit guides) are outside of your linear time and space constructs. We see the entirety of the work we are doing together with you, while you only see it step by step.” This illustrates the fact that if you decide to do Tarot readings for complete strangers from across the world, you shouldn’t fear that the distance or you inability to see those people are going to hinder you.

Believe the fact that distance and place (and time) don’t matter because the spirit world already knows what you are going to ask the cards and you will pull the cards that accurately express your client’s situation. Once you allow yourself to believe it, you are on your way to success.

By doing Tarot readings of any kind, we are tapping into The Collective Consciousness. “We can surmise that the phrase collective consciousness implies an internal knowing known by all, or a consciousness shared by a plurality of persons. The easiest way to think of the phrase (even with its extremely loaded historical content) is to regard it as being an idea or proclivity that we all share, whoever specifically “we” might entail,” (source The University of Chicago). We can imagine it as a “place” where all the information of all time is stored, at every instance and in every place possible, and it is accessible to us all.

Remote Viewing describes this process, too. It is “the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means, in particular, extrasensory perception (ESP) or “sensing with mind,” (source Wikipedia).


Differences to Understand | What to Avoid | What to Embrace

  • Fear of the unknown is your biggest obstacle. Please, don’t be afraid. There is nothing to be afraid of. Tarot readings for people you don’t see are the same readings you do for people who sit right across the table from you. The principle is the same. Do not let your fear stop you or hold you back.
  • To help you overcome your fear, understand the risk. What is the risk here? Inaccuracy. Right? You can be just as inaccurate in your face-to-face reading. If you follow your pre-reading procedures such as your calming meditation, grounding yourself, visualization, asking your guides to help you, etc., you can stay assured that you will be guided and shown only accurate information about your client. Have faith. The first time is always the hardest. After your first distance reading, you will see how fabulous it felt! Your client’s feedback will give you the needed boost for your self-confidence to continue. You don’t feel confident about your meditation? Check out my blog post. You’ll find a step-by-step method to empty your mind efficiently.
  • Ask your guides to help you, to give you the most accurate information and clear visions. If you want it to be easy and smooth, it will be. You just have to ask for it and believe it will be delivered. The spirit world works that way. I always ask my guides to help me give the most accurate and helpful readings and I always do. My specialty is doing Tarot readings over emails.
  • You have to shuffle the cards by yourself. Imagine that your client is shuffling the cards through your hands. Or imagine that your client is unable to shuffle the deck and you have to do it for him or her. While you are shuffling, focus strongly on the name of your client and his or her question. Keep them in mind until you are ready to stop shuffling. Do not feel like your shuffling the cards for your client is inadequate. That’s negative thinking. Always think positively and trust that you will pull the cards that need to be pulled.
  • You have to rely on your intuition more heavily. You should be very well prepared. Try to meditate more thoroughly. Really prepare yourself well before your distance readings. Use your crystals to help you raise your vibration. Do your five minute meditation to truly empty your mind and connect with the spirit world. If you don’t know how to “empty your mind”, read my blog post about How to Empty Your Mind in Meditation. You have to be in a quiet place and undisturbed so you are be able to pick up the slightest messages and visions. You do not have an opportunity to see your client face-to-face, but you can “see” him or her through your mind (via your intuition). And of course, Tarot cards will show you the way too. Follow their lead. Tarot always shows the true nature of energies of the situation.

Trust yourself. Don’t doubt yourself. Follow your visions. Write down everything you see, feel, hear, or taste. Go with the first impression you get. Do not start thinking about your first impressions because that means your logic is at play. No matter how improbable or outrageous your visions get, follow them. Don’t question them. They are the answers you are looking for.

The huge advantage of distance Tarot readings is the fact that you can take as much time as you want. So, don’t rush through it. Take your time. You will become faster and smoother with more practice. Good luck!

Once you get comfortable doing distance Tarot readings, consider reading my blog post about How to Spend Less Time on Tarot Reading Without Compromising Its Quality as well as Sell and Promote your Tarot Readings Online.

Have you been considering starting to do distance readings? Or are you a distance-reading professional? Share your thoughts with me!

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Use Tarot To Plan Your Business: Tarot Reading Case Study

Do you find yourself hesitating and procrastinating_I use Tarot to plan my business and I will show you what it looks like and how it works. You can do the same for your own business or Tarot reading practice. Read this Tarot Question ~ Tarot Reading Case Study.

The 2016 is approaching and with that, resolutions. Do you have any plans for the next year? Are you working on some project you want to finish in 2016? What is the goal you would like to achieve in the near future?

I have 2 goals that are on my mind:

  1. One is to create an online course to teach how to read Tarot.
  2. The other one is to use Pinterest to my advantage.

One year is quite a stretch, but with my going to school full-time, working as a Tarot reader, taking care of my house and cats, the one-year time frame sounds good. I either do it right or not at all…

I’ve been thinking about the PLAN to reach my goals. Well, for my Pinterest goal, I’ve created a Pin-ning strategy for Pinterest that will get my business more exposure. This social media platform hosts my ideal clients and it’s for free, plus there is so much interesting information that I would be silly not to use it. I actually enjoy browsing it! I also created two more Boards on my profile that contain interesting information and services my potential customers are looking for. I have watched a lot of coaching and educational videos about how Pinterest works and now, I know how to pin my posts so they’ll be delivered exactly at the right time. I can proudly say that I am already seeing positive results. The traffic from Pinterest to my website has gone up from 16 to 18 percent in just a week.

My plan for my Tarot Course goal is to get a software that will allow me to create an online course and attach it to my website. Then, I will have to put all my ideas together and arrange them into some logical pattern. Every student needs homework and exercises and these have to be created. The course cannot be dry and boring. I want my students to have fun with it! Teaching is not a foreign concept to me. I used to teach English, math, and statistics in the past. I love teaching and I know I can create a quality course on Tarot. I just have to put all my thoughts on paper and actually, start creating the course.

As you can see, these plans are not complicated. They are pretty straightforward and still, I find myself hesitating and procrastinating. I have many good business ideas in my mind, but I can’t seem to make myself make them happen in a timely fashion.

I have done a small Tarot reading about this topic. I asked my cards, “What is the character of this situation (what energies are at play)?” This reading is just for illustration and food for thought about possible Tarot Card interpretations.

If you have other ideas about what messages these cards carry for someone who is trying to reach his or her goals, feel free to post in Comments! Share your own interpretations below!

I pulled: Wheel of Fortune ~ 2 of Wands reversed ~ 9 of Swords


The Wheel of Fortune is showing the fact that I am on the right path. The Wheel is telling me this time of my life is my destiny. It carries a message that I have found myself at a turning point and it’s up to me to decide which way to go. My two goals for 2016 are meaningful and I feel they will propel my Tarot reading business forward. The Wheel of Fortune indicates that a new cycle of my affairs is about to start and I feel like I will make some permanent changes in business. Changes for the better. The Wheel of Fortune brings me hope of positive outcome even though, my current position is somewhat unstable.

The 2 of Wands reversed confirm my feelings of instability. I have too many ideas in my head and I feel like I don’t have time to pin point the one or two that I want to focus. I did grab the opportunity of the Ace of Wands by starting my business, but now, I am stalling out and my vision is slow in coming in the Two of Wands reversed. I am not being bold and I need to seize the initiative. I am waiting for something to fall into my lap. I feel like I am waiting for a sudden inspiration or free time when I can focus wholly on this project (I have not been able to spend a lot of time developing my plans yet).

The 9 of Swords is actually a good card in this context. It says that there is a tremendous mental activity going on because it shows the last stages of effort before a decision is made or the final result is reached. I keep thinking about these goals all the time and I am almost done worrying about them. I have already taken one small step toward my goal in regard to Pinterest and that is one less thing to worry about. I still do worry about my Tarot course and the content of it. I do want it to be special and different from others. I want it to be original and fun for students. The Nine of Swords brings us a message that good fortune will be had later on. Time is on my side and I will get what I want.

The conclusion of this small reading is: I am on the right track, I just need to get over the hump of indecisiveness, and I need to stop thinking about it and just do it. The message here is that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to get crushed and give up on our goals. We have to learn to work in a new way, develop more mental strength, and use the power of our will.

I am glad I have decided to write this all down here because at least, it will make me accountable! Making promises publically is a great motivator.


Do you talk about your goals online? Does it help you make your goals reality? Do you feel more motivated by doing so?… Or you work the best without sharing your plans with anybody?

I would really like to hear about you and your plans. And how you go about staying motivated so your goals don’t remain to be just your wishes.

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TAROT JOURNALTarot journal is a journal Tarot readers use to keep notes and their personal interpretations of the Tarot cards. As far as I know, every Tarot reader has used a Tarot journal at some point of her or his career. I have used it too. I have filled up about 4 notebooks with my readings and notes about the cards and my vivid dreams.IMG_2041

There are Several Benefits to Keeping the Tarot Journal:

  1. As we go through our spiritual journey, we find out everything is connected to everything else. The synchronicities are many times very faint and hard to remember. Writing them down in a journal reinforces this specific experience and we will remember it. It teaches us not to discount our intuition.
  2. The weight is in the details. Journaling forces us to focus on the details of the imagery and discover what they mean to us. It makes us think about connections. For example, on the Star card, there is a picture of a bird. Have you noticed it? For the longest time, I didn’t know it was there! Only after I started journaling, I noticed it.
  3. As we keep practicing working with Tarot, we slowly establish a secret language between us and the spirit world. It’s all about symbolism. This language of symbols is unique to us alone and journaling helps us establish it. For example, I know that the reversed World is almost always about criminal activities, criminal minds, or shady characters. How I established this meaning? There was one reading I did some time ago about the work of a criminal analyst. I pulled the World reversed. I knew immediately that the card meant the main purpose of the criminal analyst job is to study the world of crime or “the underworld.” This interpretation intrigued me so much that I wrote in down into my Tarot journal. A few months later, I was doing another reading about a man and his character. I pulled the World reversed. I looked into my journal and I immediately knew what the card meant. The man in question had criminal inclinations. The feedback I received confirmed my interpretation.
  4. Keeping the Tarot journal will help us learn Tarot faster! It will help establish our connection to our Tarot deck which is important in order to be an accurate reader. Once we know our cards well, we will feel like we know what we are doing and feel more secure in allowing our intuition to deliver messages to us.

Tarot Journal Layout

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different Tarot journal templates out there. But what is the most important to have in your journal? I recommend having one whole blank page where you can glue an image of your Tarot card. The blank space around the card will allow you to write down your impressions of the card’s imagery. You will have an ample space to describe your card and interpret every little detail on it. Then, there should be a space for at least five different areas of your card’s interpretation:52574e7ad8006fdc2dcd376ff2304369

a) Significant Details

b) Person and Personality Traits

c) Spirituality

d) Work/Career/Education

e) Personal Relationship/Love.

Of course, you can make more slots for different angles of interpreting it. It all depends on your personal preference. There are no boundaries.

I highly recommend this format of the Tarot journal called My Tarot Journal by Katrina de Witt. There is plenty of space for writing and playing with interpretations. It has one blank page for each card so you can make direct notes about the cards’ imagery and details. It’s a soft cover book and I like that fact about it. Once I put some information in, I know I will always find it there. No more post-its or notes on scraps of paper. Here are some examples of Tarot journal templates from the Internet.tarot journal 4

You may wonder where to get a printable version of Tarot cards. It’s easy. This site provides the printable version of the Raider-Waite deck.

Tarot Journal Survey

So, is using the Tarot journal really beneficial? The asnwer is a loud Yes! And I can prove it. See for yourself below. I have done a small research among the fellow Tarot readers and this is what they have to say about Tarot journaling: I asked the Tarot enthusiasts and readers if they kept the Tarot journal; if so, why; and if they found it beneficial for their practice.

Chris: “It will help you reflect… going back can reveal more subtle information that create a more intimate relationship between you and the cards…”

Sue: “I keep a tarot journal. I don’t write much, just the spread and the cards. I like to see which cards repeatedly come up.”

Lorrel: “Yes. I record how the card reads to better nail my interpretations. I have just started an online card journal for the Wildwood Tarot, which I am currently studying. The Wildwood Tarot is based on the RWS (Raider-Waite Tarot), but has its own differences. I am going thru the deck card-by-card, and writing down my interpretations so that I may solidify them. These descriptions remain in-flux, and are added to or subtracted from – as I work with the cards, more of their own unique character is revealed to me so that it is an organic and ever-evolving process. I do try to find quotes that match with the cards as another way to communicate their message. This is basically the system that works best for me to learn the tarot – as you can see, I am a serious student!” Lorrel talks about her journey through the Major Arcana cards on her blog.

Shonna: “I do. I am learning elemental dignities so pull 3 cards and work through them one by one to understand the effect of their tarot journal 2elements. I will ask, “What is the best way to approach this day?” or I might have a more specific question if there is something on my mind. First, I write down my free flowing thoughts about each card, then I think about the numerology and astrology, and finally I focus on the element, and how it affects the other cards in the reading and applies to my question. This is a technique I learned from Catherine Chapman on her Tarot Elements blog. I might also right down some practical actions to take that come out of the reading, and sometimes I willl come back to it at the end of the day and reflect.”

Switm-Monique: “Yes I keep a separate grimore for my readings.”

Georgina: “Good question. I don’t but I have been thinking of maybe starting one. I keep copies and notes on all my readings but not a journal.”

Victoria: “I think it is a lovely idea that I would to implement some day… (There is a pile of stuff to do some day lol). On the other hand, I have read wonderful inspirational stuff from people who actually do it.”

Jen: “I wish I had time to journal. I guess my blog would replace a journal but I haven’t been writing my blog lately either. As I do tarot journal 3readings, I do record the spreads in a notebook but it’s more for recordkeeping purposes.”

Melanie (Babushka Lady Tarot): “Yep, just for my daily tarot draws. It helps to look back and see how certain combos play out again and again (and in different ways).”

Carmen: “In my previous job as a corporate manager I kept on track with sticky notes and I now jot down tarot notes on stickies or index cards. At some point I gather my notes and teach a class. My notes become word documents and excel spreadsheets printed out and put into plastic sheet protectors before being made into reports with plastic report covers.”

Emily: “I keep a bound journal and write out meanings of my daily draws and try to figure out how it relates to me and my life at the moment. I’ll also jot down spreads that I do for myself. I have a section in the back with general meanings for the four suits and court cards, and a page for numerology. It’s not really organized, but I do write down the date at the top of the page.”

Tara: “When I first started Tarot – I had 2 notebooks that I wrote in cover to cover which had the card meanings more or less sequentially. Major arcana to minor arcana – divided up by suits. The meanings were integrated with my own impressions of the cards. Now my other Tarot journals are more about unique ways a card might come up in a reading for me, and are more about the things I observe in client practice and things like spreads.”

Sherrone:I kept a Tarot journal when I first started to learn and study Tarot. I drew a card of the day every day until I completed the 78 cards, studied the card and pen down my thoughts on it. It helps me read better and faster! Guess what, I started reading for others after nearly 3 months of learning Tarot.

Do you have the Tarot journal? Does it help you with your readings? What does it look like? Share your comments below!

If you do not have one yet, consider buying My Tarot Journal by Katrina de Witt. I have a very good experience with it. Happy writing!

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How To Spend Less Time On Tarot Reading Without Compromising Its Quality.

7 Tips | Easy & Effective | Tarot Tips

Many Tarot readers struggle with completing their readings in a timely fashion. You may be one of them! Especially, if you are a beginner reader and you are establishing your style. You may feel like it takes you an ungodly amount of time and energy to write, edit, and proofread your readings. You don’t want to compromise your work and reputation by limiting yourself to write only half a page either.

It is great to write long readings full of useful information for your clients. It shows them you are a great reader worth coming back to. What is not so great is the fact that many times the amount of time you put into a reading is not reflected in the price you charge (if you are a professional reader) or the depth of feedback you get from your client (if you do free readings). Let’s face it: the risk is that if you charge more money and you are not an established reader yet, you may overprice yourself and ultimately lose clientele. If you cut your readings short, you are going against yourself (your growth) and your psychic gifts.

I am sure you are wondering how to spend less time on the reading without compromising its quality. I have put together seven (7) tips that will help you spend less of your precious time putting the reading together and still provide ample information and quality!

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Are you already utilizing some of these suggestions? What would you add to this list?


  1. Template Document. Create a template document in MsWord. A template is a document type that creates a copy of itself when you open it. This puppy will save you at least 5 minutes. You create the template by opening a “New” document in MsWord. Type all the important headings and text you want to have in there, then click “Save As”à choose “Template Doc” from the drop-down menu. That’s it. In your template, divide your document into logical sections so that a client can easily navigate through it. Don’t forget to make it visually appealing, too! Play with the colors. They could match the color scheme of your logo or website. Your template could contain:
  • Your Client’s Name
  • Date
  • Your Client’s Question – it provides you and your client with a reference to what the reading is about. It is always a good thing to include your client’s question in case there is a case of miscommunication or argument about the reading
  • Reading – write your reading here
  • Closing Statement – for example, “If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you.”
  • Your Signature – You can include not only your name, but also logo or image of yourself. Don’t forget to include your social media links and website


  1. Repeating Thought. Make sure you don’t repeat your thoughts in paragraphs. It will save you a lot of time if you keep that in check. Mentioning one impression one or two times is enough. Don’t repeat yourself. Don’t go around and around in circles describing one thing four different ways. If you catch yourself doing that, just stop and move on. The best way to avoid this is by proofreading your paragraphs. If you find several sentences describing one and the same thing, delete some of them and keep the two that describe your impression the best.
  1. Way of Speech. Avoid using too flowery a language as well as do not use shortened words. Write as you talk. I advise you to write in a concise manner and straight-to-the-point from start to finish. Go straight down to business. Do not write as if you are writing a classical novel. Keep in mind that it’s a Tarot reading meant to give useful information that is clearly understood and easily followed by your client. If your writing style is too eloquent, grandiose, or oratory, your reading will sound too heavy and hard to understand. It may be a turn-off for your clients. Keep it short and simple (KISS). At the same time, do not use abbreviations. Spell out every word. You don’t know if your client knows what you mean to say if you use shortened words or abbreviations. Also make sure you express your thoughts from the beginning to end. Remember that your clients come from all kinds of different cultures and backgrounds. Don’t expect the client to “know the point” you are trying to make or that the client will “get it.” People don’t see into your mind; they don’t know how you think and operate, and so please make sure you explain yourself (your impressions) logically and in detail. As time goes by, you will become very proficient at this and you will have to correct your writing during proofreading less and less.
  1. Card Descriptions. Avoid describing the cards drawn as much as possible. Descriptions of imagery are tedious and a dead weight to the reading. Trust me when I say that many people don’t read them if you include them in the reading. They skim through them looking for the intuitive information you promised to give them. Describing the card’s imagery is useful only if it directly relates to the messages from the spirit world. Use a short basic descriptions of the imagery and only if your interpretation comes directly from them. You may need to refer to a symbol or color of the card to make your statement more clear. Otherwise, don’t waste your time. Your clients are not interested in reading about what their cards look like. They can look them up on the Internet after all. Or they will see them right there, in their reading because you have attached them. You definitely should attach images of the cards drawn. It looks professional and people expect it from Tarot readers. They want to see what you write about (most people are visual creatures). It also serves as a good way to promote your skills. Your clients will be in awe when they see how much accurate information you were able to get from one tiny image. Simply copy card images from the Internet and paste them into your document. Please, make sure you have a permission to use your deck’s images. Contact the particular publisher or author. Tarot cards and Tarot decks are protected by copyright.
  1. Reversed Cards. If you pull a reversed card, interpret the reversed card. Avoid writing what the card means in the upright position and then moving on to the reversed card interpretation. No. To save time, go straight to interpreting the reversed position. Otherwise, you are going to analyze one card for too long and from too many angles. Do not get caught up in musing and procrastinating. You need to be focused and aim straight for what’s at the center of attention.
  1. Improve your typing skills. Seriously. You should get it up to at least 60 words per minute (wpm). If you have good keyboarding skills, you can easily write a 2 page reading in 30 minutes or less (from start to finish with images attached). If your fingers know where they are, your eyes and mind are free to focus on copying what’s in your mind. Less distraction means shorter time spent doing a Tarot reading. If you already are skilled in this areas that’s really great! If you are not, there are many free online keyboarding courses.
  1. Voice Recognition Software. It sounds like a great idea and it is, but there are drawbacks. You will have to train it first and that takes some time. You have to voice the punctuation of your sentences, too, – a little detail that could become tedious. If you are in the middle of channeling your intuitive impressions, you may not be thinking about telling the program “period, comma, colon.” If you make a mistake, you will have to tell the program how to correct it. Neither is it cheap and if you are just starting out as a Tarot reader, buying something like this may not be in your budget. I, personally, don’t use the voice recognition software. I prefer staying quiet and typing my words. However, I know Tarot readers who use it and they swear by it. We all are different and have different tastes and so if you want to get this kind of software, by all means do so.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Are you already utilizing some of these suggestions? What would you add to this list?

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